Mark Tucker


Mark Tucker is an important and versatile British flutist. At the age of 21 he became pricipal flutist of the Symphony Orchestra of Seville, Spain; in 1992, he returned to England and founded the small, flexible chamber group, The English Ensemble. Its nucleus, besides Tucker, is a string quintet (including double bass) and harpsichord; the availablility of other instruments when required makes the ensemble adaptable to a wide variety of Read more works.

The English Ensemble maintains a busy performing schedule and frequently records. Baroque- and Classical-era compositions form its central repertory, but its overall repertory is quite broad and includes a number of new works. It often performs in schools and other places where the audience has little background in traditional classical music; this is an extension of Tucker's own interest in outreach and education. When he tours, he often introduces the flute to audiences not conversant with the Classical tradition, including some entirely outside the ambit of Western culture, in places as distant as the United Arab Emirates.

Mark Tucker has appeared as soloist with most major British orchestras, and is the flute soloist with Music Theatre London, the "alternative" opera company of the capital. He has recorded for Timbre Records and Deutsche Grammophon. Read less

There are 33 Mark Tucker recordings available.

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