Ludwig August Lebrun


Born: May 2, 1752   Died: December 16, 1790; Berlin, Germany  
Ludwig August Lebrun was an outstanding oboist who contributed some nicely written oboe music to the instrument's repertoire. His father was an oboist and singers' rehearsal coach in the court of Mannheim, renowned for having the most outstanding and innovative orchestra of the time. A 1756 register of Mannheim musicians states that he was a Belgian. Young Ludwig learned oboe from his father. In 1764, at the age of 12, he was admitted to the Read more Mannheim orchestra with the status of "scholar," meaning he was learning orchestral playing by sitting in with the orchestra at least during rehearsals. He was made a full member in 1767 at the age of 15 and stayed in the orchestra until his death. He was an outstanding musician even by the standards of that elite orchestra. This is shown by the fact that he also joined the specially picked group of chamber musicians who were drawn from the orchestra to perform at the court of Elector Carl Theodore and from the high salary that account books of the time show he was given.

He was permitted to travel to give concerts and make guest appearances with other orchestras. In 1778, he married the famous soprano Franziska Danzi, daughter of a famous musical family (elder sister of composer Franz Danzi). They had two musically important children: pianist Sophie Lebrun (1781 - after 1815) and Rosine Lebrun (1873 - 1855), a soprano. They are evidently not related to the horn player France Jean Lebrun (1759 - 1809). They often toured thereafter, visiting such cities as Milan, Vienna, Prague, Paris, Berlin, and London. He was regarded as the finest oboist of his time and is recorded as the first to reach D and E above high C on that instrument as musically usable tones. He wrote highly effective music for oboe, including several concertos and pieces for chamber groups. He also wrote some music not involving oboe and some dance suites. His music is sweet and undemanding on the listener. Read less

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