Ludovico Einaudi



Born: November 23, 1955; Turin, Italy  
Fans of Maurice Jarre, who composed the soundtrack for Doctor Zhivago (1965), must have greeted the 2003 TV remake of the popular film with skepticism. How could anyone, regardless of the new version's quality, match Jarre's haunting score, particularly "Lara's Theme," an unforgettable musical creation? The artist who rose to the challenge is Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, whose works include chamber and orchestral compositions, Read more music for the stage, film soundtracks, as well as a variety of multimedia works. While Einaudi's music is difficult to describe, owing to the composer's ability to create a sonic world that defies categorization, commentators have praised the engaging, atmospheric quality of his music, a quality particularly evident in compositions that capture evanescent modds and fugitive experiences. Born in Turin, Italy, Einaudi received a degree in composition from Conservatotio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, and subsequently studied with Luciano Berio. Immediately attracting international attention, Einaudi's music was performed at many distinguished venues, including the Teatro alla Scala, the Tanglewood Festival, Lincoln Center, and the UCLA Center for Performing Arts. During the 1980s, Einaudi expanded his compositional idiom, incorporating elements of popular music and art. In 1988, working with Andrea de Carlo, a well-known Italian writer, Einaudi created Time Out, a multimedia work that the ISO Dance Theatre performed in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Among Einaudi's subsequent multimedia works is the critically acclaimed Salgari, a collaborative project that included de Carlo, choreographer Daniel Ezralow, and artist Jerome Sirlin. Despite his success as a multimedia artist, Einaudi has continued cultivating more intimate forms, as exemplified by Le Onde (The Waves) (1996), a cycle of meditations for piano on life and the universe that was inspired by various literary texts, including Virginia Woolf's novel The Waves. Read less

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