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Overture - Prologue: Meeting you here we do not want superfluous words (Lyusya, Sergey, Boris, Drebednyov, Barabashkin)
Overture - Prologue: That's right! Music ... (Drebednyov, Babourov, Conductor, Chorus)
Overture - Prologue: Well I've lived for fifty years on Tyoplyi Lane (Babourov, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: That's the way that our grandfathers and great grandfathers (Bubentsov, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Now please step into the next hall, comrades! (Bubentsov, Lidochka, Masha)
Act I Scene 1: Duet: When I am wondering along the streets (Bubentsov, Masha)
Act I Scene 1: Pantomime: Goodbye, Masha! (Bubentsov, Masha)
Act I Scene 1: What time is it? (Sergey, Boris)
Act I Scene 1: Boris's Aria: That's nice! (Sergey, Boris)
Act I Scene 1: I've come back to Moscow ... (Boris, Sergey, Conductor)
Act I Scene 1: Taram-param, nina nina Spring, "Boris's Song-serenade" (Boris)
Act I Scene 1: Have you only just got here? (Lidochka, Boris)
Act I Scene 1: I used to go to school and when I get home, I remember, "Lidochka's Song" (Lidochka)
Act I Scene 1: Lidochka, Lidochka ... (Baburov, Lidochka, Masha, Sergey, Bubentsov, Boris)
Act I Scene 1: Excursion around Moscow: I beg your forgiveness (Boris, Baburov, Bubentsov, Masha, Lidochka, Sergey)
Act 1 Intermezzo: Where's the car? (Drebednyov, Vava)
Act I: Intermezzo: Duet: Look into my eyes, my darling! (Drebednyov, Vava)
Act I: Intermezzo: End of excursion around Moscow: Put your foot down (Boris)
Act I Scene 2: Semyon Semyonovich ... (Bubentsov, Baburov, Masha, Sergey, Lyusha, Boris, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Ensemble of Residents: A furniture shop (Nervous Lady, Neighbour, Kurochkin, Man in a cap, Wife, Husband, Sergey, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Sergey's song about Mar'ina Roshcha: It's simple to fall in love (Sergey, Baburov)
Act I Scene 2: Baburov's song about Tyolpi Lane: If you want to get to know Moscow (Baburov, Taxi driver)
Act I Scene 2: So it's Tyoplyi lane then? (Lyusya, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Song about Cheremushki: Cheremushki ... (Lyusya, Boris, Sergey, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: The manager! The manager! (Barabashkin, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: What are you thinking of, citizens? (Barabashkin, Lidochka, Boris, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Anyway ... (Boris, Lidochka)
Act I Scene 2: Valka! (Boris, Vava, Drebednyov, Sergey, Barabashkin, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: We haven't received the authorisation yet (Drebednyov, Barabashkin, Chorus)
Act I: Finale: Cheremushki ... (Vava, Boris, Lidochka, Chorus)
Act II: Intermezzo: Barabashkin's Couplets: Have you no patience? (Barabashkin)
Act II Scene 3: That's it Lidochka, that's it! (Boris, Lidochka)
Act II Scene 3: Duet: I prostrate myself before thee, fair maiden! (Boris, Lidochka)
Act II Scene 3: You are not angry my valiant sir? (Lidochka, Boris, Baburov, Lyusya)
Act II Scene 3: Duet: We went for a stroll beyond the river (Lyusya, Sergey)
Act II Scene 3: Oh, what was that? (Lyusya, Sergey, Barabashkin, Drebednyov, Vava)
Act II Scene 3: Barabashkin's and Drebednyov's Couplets: You can't make your way in life (Barabashkin, Drebednyov)
Act II Scene 3: Fedya! (Vava, Drebednyov, Barabashkin, Boris, Lidochka)
Act II Scene 3: Duet: It's somehow all so stupid (Boris, Lidochka)
Act II Scene 3: So where is the young man? (Baburov, Lidochka, Drebednyov, Barabashkin, Vava)
Act II Scene 3: We have a deed to prove this ... (Drebednyov, Barabashkin, Baburov, Lidochka, Lyusya, Boris)
Act II: Intermezzo: And where are you off to? ... (Sergey, Lyusya, Chorus)
Act II: Intermezzo: Song: Moscow nestles on the skyline (Lyusya, Chorus)
Act II Scene 4: Let's have some tea (Masha, Bubentsov)
Act II Scene 4: Duet: The bell, the bell ... (Bubentsov, Masha)
Act II Scene 4: Masha, it's someone ringing for us! (Bubentsov, Masha, Husband, Wife, Neighbour, Mylkin, Kurochkin, Kurochkina)
Act II Scene 4: Polka: Call in! (Masha, Bubentsov, Wife, Kurochkin, Husband, Neighbour [f.], Mylkin, Kurochkina, Chorus)
Act II Scene 4: Guests! (Masha, Husband, Wife, Neighbour, Bubentsov, Mylkin, Kurochkin, Sergey, Lyusya, Chorus)
Act II Scene 4: Song about Cheremushki: Cheremushki (Chorus)
Act II: Intermezzo: Where can we go now? (Lidochka, Boris)
Act II Intermezzo: Ballet: Who is that? (Lidochka, Boris)
Act II Intermezzo: Apotheosis
Act II: Intermezzo: That was the move to the new flat ... (Boris, Lidochka, Vava)
Act II: Finale: What is it to me? (Lidochka)
Act III: Entr'acte
Act III: Scene: Cheremushki! (Baburov, Chorus)
Act III: Play something, comrade conductor ... (Baburov, Conductor, Barabashkin)
Act III Scene 5: Lidochka's Song: The clock on the square is lit up (Lidochka)
Act III Scene 5: Taking things easy! (Bubentsov, Lidochka, Lyusya, Masha, Chorus)
Act III Scene 5: Waltz of the flowers
Act III Scene 5: Am I dreaming? (Lidochka, Lyusya, Bubentsov, Barabashkin, Chorus)
Act III Scene 5: Barabashkin's Song: All lovers' meetings are ably served by the moon (Barabashkin)
Act III Scene 5: Are you afraid? ... (Lyusya, Barabashkin, Bubentsov, Lidochka, Masha, Boris, Mylkin, Sergey, Kurochkin, Conductor, Chorus)
Act III Scene 5: Duet: Ni-na, ni-na, ni-na, ni-na (Lidochka, Boris)
Act III Scene 5: Nevertheless, the parade ground has been cleared! (Boris, Lidochka, Vava, Drebednyov, Baburov, Lyusya, Sergey, Masha)
Act III Scene 5: Sergey's Song: I love you (Sergey, Chorus)
Act III Scene 5: Not bad that bench (Barabashkin, Drebednyov, Vava)
Act III Scene 5: Are you laughing? (Barabashkin)
Act III: Finale: Look, Lidochka! (Boris, Lidochka, Sergey, Chorus)

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