Lejaren Hiller


Born: February 23, 1924; New York, NY   Died: January 26, 1994; Buffalo, NY  
Lejaren Hiller studied with Harvey Officer, oboe with Joseph Marx, composition with Milton Babbitt, with Roger Sessions, and got a Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton. Hiller founded the Experimental Music Studio at the University of Illinois in the late '50s and served as a Slee Professor of Composition at the State University of N.Y. at Buffalo. Hiller collaborated on the first significant computer music composition, Illiac Suite (1957), with Read more Leonard Issacson, and later employed techniques of indeterminacy, serialism, and tonality. Hiller collaborated with John Cage on HPSCHD for one to seven harpsichords and 51 tapes (1968) and also composed the Computer Cantata for soprano, tape, and chamber ensemble (1963) and Midnight Carnival (1976) for principal tape and an indeterminate number of subsidiary tapes and other events. Read less

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