Lauren Flanigan

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Formats & Featured

Act I: Part I: Opening: And this is where it all took place (Gert, Ted)
Act I Scene 1: It had been raining then (Ted, Margot, Kara)
Act I Scene 1: Scene: I promise to discuss your completing the opera with Erich (Margot, Ted, Kara)
Act I Scene 1: Scene: He's like number twenty-four (Margot, Kara)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Seventeen, Eigtheen. Nineteen (Margot)
Act I Scene 1: Interlude: The rain continues to fall and cleanse our city (Inspector Gert)
Act I: Part II: Forgive me, Maestro, for intruding on your thoughts (Maitre d', Ted, Kara)
Act I: Scene: Drinking champagne always make me so sad ((Kara, Ted)
Act II: Part I: The rituals of love die slowly (Gert, Ted, Margot)
Act II: Scene: Ah, the genius himself. How does it go? (Walter Englemann, Ted, Margot)
Act II: Part I: Aria: Reconsider that judgement (Ted, Kara)
Act I: Prelude
Act I: Be as a lion, dread Jehovah... From plots of Hell and witcheries (Puritans, Bradford, Bridget, Plentiful, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Desire)
Act I: Ah - I deny thy Christ (Bradford, Banks, Tewke, Puritans)
Act I: A savoury discourse, good Master Bradford (Bradford, Tewke)
Act I: Last night came One that paced a-down the stairway of the sky (Bradford)
Act I: My son, Thou'rt over-ripe for marriage! (Tewke, Bradford)
Act I: The willow keep to thatch our sleep (Plentiful, Bradford)
Act I: Plentiful Tewke hath catched the preacher! (Love, Bradford, Peregrine Brodrib, Prence, Children)
Act I: Gi' you good night, sir... (Prence, Myles Brodrib, Marigold, Bradford, Tinker, Morton, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Scratch a Roundhead, find a rebel ... Thrones of Earth be idle things (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Right rev'rend priest, our holy joy ... Respect the Sabbath day (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Marigold! Lady! ... Let us be lions of Jehovah (Bradford, Marigold, Lackland, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act II Scene 3: Rise up, my love my fair one (Bradford, Astoreth)
Act III Scene 1: Prelude
Act III Scene 2: Gird you with Sackcloth (Tewke, Puritans)
Act III Scene 2: Never more shall prayer ravish these lips!... (Bradford, Chorus)
Act III Scene 2: Woe, woe! Lost sheep are we (Puritans, Bradford, Myles Brodrib)
Act III Scene 2: No witch am I; But one that long ago was happy (Marigold)
Act III Scene 2: Ay, even now thy lover frets at Hellgate - Death to the Witch (Bradford, Marigold, Ensemble)

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