Kurt Westi

Gade: The Crusaders / Rasmussen, Rorholm, Westi, Cold
Release Date: 03/25/1994   Label: Bis  
Catalog: 465   Number of Discs: 1
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Formats & Featured

Act I: Overture
Act I: Det var sig humleranken (Upwards crept the tendrils) (Aase)
Act I: Ah! Bliv mig fra livet, Jorgen! (Ah! Let me go, Jorgen!) (Aase, Rane)
Act I: Ha, Rane. Du vil jage pa egen hand! (Ho, Rane! You have hunted alone all day!) (King Erik, Aase, Rane)
Act I: Du lader vente pa dig, vakre pige! (You kept me waiting, pretty maid!) (King Erik, Aase)
Act I: Op alle mand! (Up on your feet, everyone!) (Young men, Maids)
Act I: Jeg kan mig slet ikke kjende (I hardly recognise myself) (Aase, King Erik, Rane)
Act I: Vel modt, marsk Stig! (Welcome, Marshal Stig!) (King Erik, Marshal, Ingeborg, Aase, Rane, Courtiers)
Act I: Aldrig sa jeg slig en due (A dove like this I have never seen before) (King Erik, Ingeborg)
Act I: Det var sig jomfru Svanelil (The maiden Svanelil to church) (Rane, Courtiers)
Act I: Kun pa hende kongen stirrer (The King has eyes for her alone now) (Aase, Ingeborg, King Erik)
Act I: Stolte riddere, skjonne fruer! (Proud knights, beautiful ladies!) (Rane, Courtiers, Aase)
Act I: I din sans ... (I shall steel myself) (King Erik, Aase)
Act I: Se, hvor himlens skyer rode (See how the clouds have reddened) (King Erik, Ingeborg, Rane, Courtiers)
Act II: Den frue sidder pa borgen (My lady sits in the castle) (Maids, Ingeborg)
Act II: Der sprang hans sorte ganger! (That is his black charger) (Ingeborg, Marshal's men)
Act II: Hvor er fru Ingeborg? (Where is Lady Ingeborg?) (Marshal, Ingeborg)
Act II: Til tings! (To the Council!) (The People, Count Jacob and Retinue, Jens Grand and Retinue)
Act II: For tinget saetes (Before the Council sits) (Herald, Jens Grand, King Erik, Marshal)
Act II: Jeg skjotter ej om kongens gods og guld! (I have no time for royal gifts or gold!) (Marshal, Count Jakob, Rane, King Erik, Jens Grand, People ...)
Act III: Sa lover I at lokke ham i baghold? (Do you promise to lure him to the ambush?) (Marshall, Rane, Conspirators)
Act III: En herlig blomsterkost af Danmarks adel! (The flower of Denmark's chivalry!) (Rane, Marshal, Jens Grand, Count Jakob, Arved Bengtse
Act III: Nu er min sjael et flammehav (My soul is a sea of fire) (Ingeborg)
Act III: Staerkt det gar mod ufredstide (War is fast approaching) (Marshall, Ingeborg)
Act III: Til hest, til hest (To horse! To horse!) (Huntsmen, Rane, King Erik)
Act IV: Et praegtigt ildsted! (A splendid place for a fire!) (Arved Bengtsen, Count Jacob)
Act IV: Ingeborg, min sjael, mit hjerte! (Ingeborg, my soul, my heart!) (Marshal)
Act IV: Nej, ingen ojnes! (No, nobody in sight!) (Arved Bengtsen, Count Jakob, Conspirators, Marshal)
Act IV: Et udbraendt bal (The ashes of a fire) (King Erik, Rane)
Act IV: For hvert et vindpust lovet falder (Leaves fall with every wind now) (Aase)
Act IV: Jeg beder for hver en vejfarende sjael (I pray for all wandering souls) (Aase)
Act IV: Favre, sode jomfrumode (Lovely, sweet maiden tryst) (King Erik, Aase)
Act IV: Hvor er hun? (Where is she?) (King Erik, Rane)
Act IV: Ve! De red samme vej som munkene (Alas! They rode the same way as the monks) (Aase)
Act IV: Her kan vi overnatte, herre (Here we can spend the night, sire) (Rane, King Erik, Ingeborg's Ghost)
Act IV: Stat op, kong Erik (Arise, King Erik) (Marshall, Rane, King Erik, Conspirators)
Act IV: Ve! Dankongen i sit blod! (Alas! The King lies in his blood!) (Huntsmen, Peasants, Aase, Monks)
I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Chorus of Pilgrims and Women
I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Scene (Bass, Tenor)
I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Crusaders' Song (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
I. I Orkene (In the Desert): Prayer (Bass, Chorus)
II. Armida: Chorus of the Spirits of Darkness
II. Armida: Recitative and Aria (Mezzo-soprano)
II. Armida: Sirens' Chorus (Chorus, Tenor)
II. Armida: Scene (Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Chorus)
III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Crusaders' Chorus: Morning Song
III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Aria (Tenor)
III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Pilgrims' March (Chorus, Tenor)
III. Mod Jerusalem (Towards Jerusalem): Final Scene (Bass, Chorus, Tenor)
Act I: Kommer han? Kommer Profeten? (Is he coming, Is the Prophet coming?) (Saul, Jonathan, Warriors, People, Priests, Abner)
Act I: Velan da! Velan! (Very well, then. Very well) (Saul, Jonathan)
Act I: Herre, tag Skjold og Vaerge ... (Lord, be our shield and defender ...) (Saul, Warriors, People)
Act I: Mod Dig, o Saul! (Against you, o Saul) (Samuel, Saul, Jonathan, Men)
Act I: Kong Saul, min Fader! (King Saul, my father!) (Jonathan, Saul, Abner)
Act I: Kunde jeg rejse mig mod Dig (Could I but raise myself against you) (Saul, Jonathan)
Act I: Jeg kommer fra Bethlehems Dale (I come from Bethlehem's valleys) (David, Saul)
Act I: Hvem bragte Dig hid (Who brought you here?) (Saul, David, Jonathan, Mikal, Abner)
Act I: Jeg har seet Dig engang for idag (I have seen you once before today) (David, Mikal)
Act II: Prelude
Act II: Glaede over Mandens arm ... (Rejoice for man's arm ... ) (David, Abner, Mikal, Bodyguard, Warriors)
Act II: Konge! Lad ikke din Sjael (King, let not your soul be downcast) (David, Mikal, Saul, Warriors)
Act II: Her er mit Svaerd! (Here is my sword!) (Saul, David, Mikal, Abner, Warriors, Chorus)
Act II: Saa I Ham, Piger, saa I min Elskede? (Did you see him, maidens?) (Mikal, Maidens)
Act II: Se! (Look!) (Young Maiden, Mikal, Maidens, Jonathan)
Act II: Halleluja! (Jonathan, Saul, David, Chorus)
Act II: Herre, jeg gaar I din Forgaard ind (Lord, I go into your courts) (David, Jonathan, Saul, Mikal, Chorus)
Act III: Se Natten, Mikal! (Look at the night, Mikal!) (Jonathan, Mikal)
Act III: Ser du ? hans Vognborg! (Do you see? His stronghold!) (David, Abisaj)
Act III: Dyb er Saul og hans krigeres sovn (Deep is Saul and his warriors' sleep) (David, Abner, Warriors, Saul, Mikal, Jonathan, Chorus)
Act III: Her saetter jeg Spydet (Here I place your spear) (David, Mikal, Jonathan, Saul)
Act III: Her, ved mit Bryst, i min Favn (Here on my breast, in my embrace) (Saul, David, Mikal, Jonathan, Abner, Chorus)
Act III: Svende, giv Agt, giv Agt! (Men, beware, beware!) (Abisaj, Saul, Chorus)
Act III: Hvor er jeg? (Where am I?) (Samuel, Abner, David, Saul)
Act III: Til Dig, o David, taler Herren, Israel's Gud (To you, O David, speaks the Lord, Israel's God) (Samuel, David, Saul, Chorus)
Act III: Ja. Han er dod. (Yes, He is dead) (Saul, Mikal, David)
Act IV: Prelude
Act IV: Hvem banker? (Who is knocking?) (Witch, Abner, Saul)
Act IV: Saul! hvi lofter Du (Why do you lift ...) (Samuel, Saul)
Act IV: Afsted, Herre Konge! (Away, my lord king) (Abner, Saul, Warriors, Chorus)
Act IV: Er Slaget forbi? (Is the battle over?) (Jonathan, Abner, Saul)
Act IV: Samuel! Samuel! Hjaelp mig at do! (Samuel! Samuel! Help me to die!) (Saul, Abner)
Act IV: Abner! svar er det Dig? (Abner! Is it you?) (David, Abner, Mikal, Chorus)
Act IV: Israels Dotre, o graeder for Saul! (Israel's daughters, O weep for Saul) (David, Abner, Mikal, Chorus)
No. 1. Die silbernen Schlittenglocken: Allegro ma non tanto
No. 2. Die zarten Hochzeitsglocken: Lento
No. 3. Die grellen Sturmglocken: Presto
No. 4. Die trauervollen Eisenglocken: Lento lugubre

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