Krysia Osostowicz


Born: 1960  
Polish-English violinist Krysia Osostowicz is a noted soloist and chamber musician. After studies at the Yehudi Menhuin School and Cambridge University, she went to Salzburg to train with Sándor Végh. She has performed as a recitalist and a concerto soloist throughout Europe. She was a member of the piano quartet Domus, which attracted attention when it toured with a large geodesic dome it used for its own portable concert hall. In 1995, she Read more became founder and first violinist of the Dante Quartet. Osostowicz has collaborated with artists such as Radu Lupu, Steven Isserlis, Ernst Kovacic, Michael Collins, Levon Chilingirian, and Christoph Richter. Osostowicz has made over 20 recordings of solo and chamber music repertoire. Her Fauré recording (with pianist Susan Tomes) was awarded a Deutsche Schallplattenpreis. Read less