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Act I: Prelude (Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: What is it, Nurse? (Hecuba, Nurse, Priam)
Act I Scene 1: Old man of Troy, you're welcome (Priam, Old Man)
Act I Scene 1: Then am I no longer mother to this child (Hecuba, Old Man)
Act I Scene 1: A father and a King (Priam)
Act I Scene 1: The Queen is right (Priam)
Act I Interlude 1: Thus shall a story begin (Nurse, Old Man, Young Guard)
Act I Scene 2: The bull is away over there (Huntsmen, Hector, Priam)
Act I Scene 2: They have taken my bull (Paris, Hector),
Act I Scene 2: Father, he's a shepherd boy (Hector, Priam, Paris)
Act I Scene 2: So I'd hoped it might be (Priam, Old Man)
Act I Interlude 2: Ah, but life, life is a bitter charade (Nurse, Young Guard, Old Man, Wedding Guests)
Act I Scene 3: Ah, ah ... (Helen, Paris)
Act I Scene 3: Divine go-between, that's who I am (Hermes, Paris)
Act 1 Scene 3: Lady Athene, if I honour you ... (Paris, Athene)
Act I Scene 3: Lady Hera, if I honour you ... (Paris, Hera, Hermes)
Act I Scene 3: Aphrodite, if I honour you ... (Paris, Aphrodite, Hera, Athene, Hermes)
Act II Scene 1: So you've given up fighting! (Hector, Priam)
Act II Scene 1: So Trojans honour Menelaus ... (Priam, Paris)
Act II Interlude 1: Hermes, Hermes, with the winged feet come quick! (Old Man, Hermes)
Act II Scene 2: O rich-soiled land (Achilles)
Act II Scene 2: Why are weeping, Patroclus? (Achilles, Patroclus)
Act II Interlude 2: O, O, what a threat to Troy (Old Man, Hermes)
Act II Scene 3: A hero in Achilles' armour ... (Hermes, Paris, Priam)
Act II Scene 3: All Trojans, all fought bravely (Hector, Priam, Paris, Achilles, Old Man)
1. Gloria in excelsis Deo
2. Et in terra pax hominibus
3. Laudamus te
4. Gratias agimus tibi
5. Propter magnam gloriam
6. Domine Deus
7. Domine Fili Unigenite
8. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei
9. Qui tollis peccata mundi
10. Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris
11. Quoniam tu solus Sanctus
12. Cum Sancto Spiritu
"Ob rechts, ob links, vorwarts oder ruckwarts" (Gabriel, Chor)
"Ohne zu fragen?" (Chor, Gabriel)
"Gleichviel! Weiter!" (Gabriel, ein Berufener)
"Du bist immerhin zufrieden mit dir" (Gabriel, ein Aufruhrerischer)
"Dies Entweder und dies Oder" (Gabriel, ein Ringender)
"Gegen seinen und euren Willen" (Gabriel)
"Ich sollte nicht naher, denn ich verliere dabei" (Der Auserwahlte, Gabriel)
"Herr, verzeih meine Uberhebung!" (Der Monch, Gabriel)
"Herr, mein ganzes Leben lang" (Der Sterbende)
"Nahst du wieder dem Licht?" (Gabriel, Chor)
Grosses Symphonisches Zwischenspiel / Big Symphonic Interlude
"My Mind Beats On"
"Who's That? A Foreigner, a Traveller No Doubt"
"Hey There, Hey There, You!"
"Serenissima...Low-Lying Clouds, Unending Grey"
Overture: Venice
"Ah, Serenissima!"
"Mysterious Gondola"
"We Are Delighted To Greet the Signore"
"Was I Wrong To Come?"
"There Is Indeed In Every Artist's Nature"
"Children's Games: Adziu, Adziu"
"Aou'! Stagando, Aou'"
"Naturally, Signore, I Understand"
"Here Will I Stay, Here Dedicate My Days"
"First, the Race!"
"The Boy, Tadzio, Shall Inspire Me"
"So, It Has Come To This"
"Guardate, Signore!"
"Do I Detect a Scent?"
"Careful Search Now Leads Me To Them"
"This Way For the Players, Signori"
"Fiorir Rose In Mezo Al Giasso"
"One Moment, If You Please"
"In These Last Years"
"So It Is True"
"Receive the Stranger God"
"The Empty Beach: Do What You Will With Me"
"Yes! A Very Wise Decision"
"Hurrah For the Piazza"
"Chaos, Chaos and Sickness"
"The Wind Still Blows From the Land"
Interlude: "Ah, No!"

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