Kendra Colton

The Reckless Heart  / Colton, Iwama
Release Date: 04/14/2015   Label: Oberlin Music  
Catalog: 15   Number of Discs: 1
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No. 1. At Saint Patrick's Purgatory
No. 2. Church Bells at Night
No. 3. Saint Ita's Vision
No. 4. The Heavenly Banquet
No. 5. The Crucifixion
No. 6. Sea-Snatch
No. 7. Promiscuity
No. 8. The Monk and his Cat
No. 9. The Praises of God
No. 10. The Desire for Hermitage
No. 1. If the Soul Was Born with Pinions
No. 2. Dora Williams
No. 3. On Foot I Had to Walk Through the Solar Systems
No. 4. My Roaring Boy
No. 5. Beyond the Hunting Woods
No. 1. Orpheus with his lute
No. 2. Tears
No. 3. Under the greenwood tree
No. 4. Sleep
No. 5. Spring
No. 1. Let the florid music praise
No. 2. Now the leaves are falling fast
No. 3. Seascape
No. 4. Nocturne
No. 5. As it is, plenty
Act I: Prologue: When the moon grows round and the dark grows double (Devils, Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: You haven't swept up very snugly (Grandmother, Devils, )
Act I: Prologue: Hurry up now! Light the fire! (Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Dance - You have learned to bewitch (Grandmother)
Act I: Prologue: O Grandmother, you mean I can play in the world (, Grandmother, Devils)
Act I: Prologue: Entr'acte
Act II: Head over heels now here I come! ()
Act II: Bottle, we're off! (, Statue)
Act II: I'll try over there across the square ()
Act II: Good morning. Good gracious, you look like the devil (Letterbox, )
Act II: I've made a mistake (, Boy, Children)
Act II: Why, why can't you leave us (Lions, )
Act II: Did you turn them back into stone? (Girl, , Mother)
Act II: Where have you been? (Mother, Girl, )
Act II: Have I been dreaming? (Mother, Shopkeeper, Policeman)
Act II: Now you can see, I'm a master of magic (, Girl, Shopkeeper, Toys)
Act II: Come dance, come dance, round and round (, Girl)
Act II: Toys! Fiddlers, drummers! (, Girl, Toys)
Act II: Oh no! Oh no! Who would believe it! (Housewives, , Policeman, Letterbox, Lions, Statue, Toys)

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