Karol Kazimierz Kurpinski


Born: March 6, 1785; Wielkopolska   Died: September 18, 1857; Warsaw, Poland  
Kurpinski, whose first teacher was his father, showed early promise and became an organist at Sarnow at the age of 12. In 1800 he joined the private orchestra of F. Polanowski as a second violinist. Around this time he composed his first opera, =Pygmalion=, which is now lost. He enjoyed many musical distinctions throughout his career, including a position as principal conductor of the Warsaw Opera and service as Kappelmeister of the Polish Royal Read more Chapel in 1819. His compositions consist mostly of operas and polonaises and some of his operas are still performed today. He was an important musical figure in Warsaw and helped to form the basis for the development of Polish Romantic music. His contributions include the introduction of new musical devices and the use of more intense dramatic expression. His work combines the innovations of European music of the period with the folklore of his native Poland. Read less
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