Joshua Hopkins

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No. 1. The Vagabond
No. 2. Let Beauty Awake
No. 3. The Roadside Fire
No. 4. Youth and Love
No. 5. In Dreams
No. 6. The Infinite Shining Heavens
No. 7. Whither must I Wander?
No. 8. Bright is the Ring of Words
No. 9. I Have Trod the Upward and Downward Slope
No. 1. Wilderness on Centre Island
No. 2. Vane
No. 3. Grace
No. 4. Northern River Falls
No. 5. Privity
No. 6. Stripe
No. 7. Congregation at the Shoreli
No. 8. Windmill
No. 1. Heavenly Grass
No. 2. Lonesome Man
No. 3. Cabin
No. 4. Sugar in the Cane
No. 1. Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
No. 2. A Green Lowland of Pianos
No. 3. O Boundless, Boundless Evening
Act I Scene 1: (Cleone, Phebe)
Act I Scene 2: (Telaire)
Act I Scene 3: (Castor, Telaire, Pollux)
Act I Scene 4: (Choeur des Spartiates)
Act I Scene 4: Air tres pointe, deux menuets
Act I Scene 4: Ariette (Castor)
Act I Scene 4: Deux gavottes
Act I Scene 4: Deux tambourines
Act I Scene 5: Entr'acte (Un Spartiate, Castor, Pollux, Choeur, Combat, Telaire)
Act II Scene 1: (Troupe de Spartiates)
Act II Scene 2: Tristes apprets (Telaire)
Act II Scene 3: (Telaire, Phebe)
Act II Scene 4: March (Pollux, Choeur)
Act II Scene 5: (Pollux, Telaire)
Act II Scene 5: Air pour les athletes
Act II Scene 5: Air tres gai
Act III Scene 1: Ritournelle et Air (Pollux)
Act III Scene 2: (Le Grand Pretre, Pollux, Jupiter)
Act III Scene 3: Descente de Jupiter (Pollux, Jupiter)
Act III Scene 4: Entree d'Hebe (Choeur des Plaisirs Celestes)
Act III Scene 4: Recitative (Pollux, Choeur des Suivantes d'Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: (Une suivante d'Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: Recitative (Pollux); Air gracieux (Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: Gavotte 1 & 2; Recitative (Pollux)
Act IV Scene 1: Prelude (Phebe, Choeur des Esprits)
Act IV Scene 2: Descente de Mercure (Mercure, Pollux, Phebe)
Act IV Scene 2: (Phebe, Cleone, Pollux, Choeur et Air des Demons)
Act IV Scene 3: (Phebe)
Act IV Scene 4: (Castor)
Act IV Scene 4: (Choeur des Ombres Heureuses)
Act IV Scene 4: Menuet (Une Ombre)
Act IV Scene 4: Passepied 1 & 2, Choeur derriere le theatre
Act IV Scene 5: (Castor, Pollux); Gavottes
Act V Scene 1: Ritournelle (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 2: (Telaire, Castor, Choeur)
Act V Scene 3: (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 3: Tonnerre (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 4: (Jupiter, Castor, Pollux, Telaire)
Act V Scene 5: (Jupiter)
Act V Scene 5: Chaconne
Act V Scene 5: Ariette gracieus (Castor, Choeur)

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