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Won't it be a pretty wedding?
Pretty Lisa, fair and tasty
By the mystic regulation
Were I a king in very truth
How would I play this part
My goodness me! What shall I do?
Ten minutes since I met a chap
About a century since
Strange the views some people hold
Now take a card, and gaily sing
The good Grand Duke of Pfennig Halbpfennig
A pattern to professors of monarchical autonomy
As o'er out penny roll we sing
When you find you're a broken-down critter
Come hither, all you people
As before you we defile
Your loyalty our... At the outset I may mention
Yes, Ludwig and his Julia are mated!
Take care of him - he's much too good to live!
Now Julia, come, consider it from this dainty point of
Your Highness, there's a party at the door
Now away to the wedding we go
So ends my dream...Broken ev'ry promise plighted
If the light of love's lingering ember
Come, bumpers-aye, ever-so-many
Why, who is this approaching?
The Prince of Monte-Carlo
His Highness we know not
We're rigged out in magnificent array
Take my advice - when deep in debt
Hurrah! Now away to the wedding
Well, you're a pretty kind of fellow
Happy couples, lightly treading
Imperial March
1. Introduction
2. In lazy langour (Phylla, Chorus)
3. O make way for the Wise Men ! (Chorus)
4. In every mental lore (Scaphio, Phantis, Chorus)
5. Let all your doubts take wing (Scaphio, Phantis)
6. Quaff the nectar (Chorus)
7. A king of autocratic power we (King, Chorus)
8. Altho' of native maids the cream (Nekaya, Kalyba)
9. Bold-fac'd ranger (Lady Sophy, King)
10. First you're born (King, Scaphio, Phantis)
11. Subjected to your heavenly gaze
12. Oh maiden rich in Girton lore (Chorus, Zara... Cpt...
13. Ah! gallant solduer, brave and true
14. It's understood, I think (Captain, Zara, Saphio...
15. Oh admirable art! (Zara, Captain Fitzbattleaxe)
16. Altho' your royal summons to appear (Finale, A. 1)
17. A Company Promoter this, with special education
18. Oh, Zara... A tenor, all singers above (Cpt.)
19. Words of love too loudly spoken (Zara, Cpt.)
20. Society has quite forsaken all (King, Chorus)
21. Entrance of Court
22. Drawing room music
23. This ceremonial...Eagle high... (King, Chorus)
24. With fury deep we burn (Scaphio, Phantis)
25. If you think that when...(King, Scaphio, Phantis)
26. With wily brain.... (Tarara, Phantis, Scaphio)
27. A wonderful joy our eyes to bless (Goldbury)
28. Then I may sing and play?
29. Oh, would some demon power... When a maid (Sophy)
30. Ah, Lady Sophy (King, Lady Sophy)
31. Oh rapture unrestrained (King, Lady Sophy)
32. Tarantella...Upon our sea-girt land (Chorus)
33. There's a little group of isles beyond the wave

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