John Mark Ainsley


Born: July 9, 1963; Cheshire, England  
John Mark Ainsley is a leading British tenor especially associated with repertory from the Classical era and earlier. He studied at Oxford, where his teacher was Diane Forlano. In his earliest professional appearances, he established himself as a Mozart tenor, including the role of Idomeneo at the Welsh National Opera and as Don Ottavio at the Aix-en-Provence and Glyndebourne Festivals. His first American appearances were in concerts in New York Read more and Boston, and in 1992 he debuted with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

His first Viennese appearances were in performances of both the St. Matthew and St John Passions by Bach with the Musik Verein in 1992. The conductor on those occasions was Peter Schreier, who is also one of the era's finest lieder and Bach tenors. Among his other leading roles are the title part of Gluck's Orfeo (his debut role at the Netherlands Opera, 1966), Tito in Mozart's La Clemenza di Tito (for his first appearance in Sydney, 1997), Fenton in Verdi's Falstaff, Lensky in Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin, and Jonathan in Nielsen's Saul and David. He has sung and recorded the role of Lysander in Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

He is also an active recitalist and concert artist who has appeared with Les Musiciens du Louvre, the New York Philharmonic, the Berlin Philharmonic, L'Orchestre de Paris, the London Symphony, the Vienna Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony, and the Boston Symphony. He records for several labels, but is most closely associated with Hyperion, which has selected him to appear on six discs of its great series of the complete Schubert songs. His repertory for that company includes music of Stravinsky, Vaughan Williams, Warlock, William Lloyd Webber, Grainger, Britten, Ireland, Finzi, and Quilter. Read less

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Born: July 9, 1963; Cheshire, England  
John Mark Ainsley is a leading British tenor especially associated with repertory from the Classical era and earlier. He studied at Oxford, where his teacher was Diane Forlano. In his earliest professional appearances, he established himself as a Mozart tenor, including the role of Idomeneo at the Welsh National Opera and as Don Ottavio at the Aix-en-Provence and Glyndebourne Festivals. His first American appearances were in concerts in New York Read more
Amor mihi vitam donat
Amor est dolor meus
Amor est pax mea
Allegro - Adagio
Act I Scene 1: Sinfonia: Largo e staccato - Scene 1: Recitative: Esci, esci, o Signore (Andronico) - Scene 1: Sinfonia: Largo e staccato
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Prence, lo so: ti devo Questo di liberta brieve momento, (Bajazet, Andronico)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Forte e lieto a morte andrei (Bajazet)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Non si perda di vista il disperato (Andronico, Tamerlano)
Act I Scene 2: Aria: Vuo dar pace a un'alma altiera (Tamerlano)
Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Il Tartaro ama Asteria (Andronico)
Act I Scene 3: Aria: Bella Asteria, il tuo cor mi difenda (Andronico)
Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Non e piu tempo, Asteria (Tamerlano, Asteria)
Act I Scene 4: Aria: Dammi pace, o volto amato (Tamerlano)
Act I Scene 5: Recitative: Serve Asteria di prezzo al Greco infido (Asteria)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: S' ei non mi vuol amar (Asteria)
Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Non ascolto piu nulla (Bajazet, Andronico, Asteria)
Act I Scene 6: Aria: Ciel e terra armi di sdegno (Bajazet)
Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Asteria non parlate? (Andronico, Asteria)
Act I Scene 7: Aria: Deh, lasciatemi il nemico (Asteria)
Act I Scene 8: Recitative: Cosi la sposa il Tamerlano accoglie? (Irene, Leone, Andronico)
Act I Scene 8: Aria: Dal crudel che m'ha tradita, Tentero con la mia vita (Irene)
Act I Scene 9: Recitative: Chi vide mai piu sventurato amante? (Andronico)
Act I Scene 9: Aria: Benche mi sprezzi (Andronico)
Act II Scene 10: Arietta: No, che del tuo gran cor io sono l'offenso (Andronico)
Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Amica, son quella superba donna? (Asteria)
Act II Scene 10: Arietta: No, che sei tanto costante Nella la fede a me promessa (Irene)
Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Si, si, son vendicata (Asteria)
Act II Scene 10: Aria: Se potessi un di placare Il mio fato si crudele (Asteria)
Cinq poe?mes de Paul Eluard: I. Peut-il se reposer celui qui dort
Cinq poe?mes de Paul Eluard: II. Il la prend dans ses bras
Cinq poe?mes de Paul Eluard: III. Plume d?eau claire
Cinq poe?mes de Paul Eluard: IV. Ro?deuse au front de verre
Cinq poe?mes de Paul Eluard: V. Amoureuses
Beati misericordes
Iesu parabola iam nobis fiat fabula
Bono nunc animo es, viator
En alter in conspectum venit
Ecce, tertius apparet
Refrain: The Unfolding of the Great Mystery
Ikon I
Ikon II
Ikon III - Refrain
Ikon IV
Ikon V - Refrain
Ikon VI
Ikon VII - Refrain
Ikon IX
The Tomb
Ikon X
Ikon XI
Part I: Chorale: Herr, unser Herrscher (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Jesus ging mit seinen Jungern (Evangelist)
Part I: Chorale: O grosse Lieb (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Auf dass das Wort erfullet wurde (Evangelist, Jesus)
Part I: Chorale: Dein Will gescheh, Herr Gott, zugleich (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Die Schar aber und der Oberhauptmann (Evangelist)
Part I: Aria: Von den Strikken meiner Sunden (Alto)
Part I: Recitative: Simon Petrus aber folgete Jesu nach (Evangelist)
Part I: Aria: Ich folge dir gleichfalls (Soprano)
Part I: Recitative: Derselbige Junger war (Evangelist)
Part I: Chorale: Wer hat dich so geschlagen (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Und Hannas sandte ihn gebunden (Evangelist)
Part I: Aria: Ach, mein Sinn, wo willt du endlich hin (Tenor)
Part I: Chorale: Petrus, der nicht denkt zuruck (Chorus)
Part II: Chorale: Christus, der uns selig macht (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Da fuhreten sie Jesum - Was bringet ihr - Redest du das (Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus)
Part II: Chorale: Ach grosser Konig (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Da sprach Pilatus zu ihm - So bist du dennoch - Was is Wahrheit? (Evangelist, Jesus, Pilatus)
Part II: Arioso: Betrachte, meine Seel (Bass)
Part II: Aria: Erwage, wie sein blutgefarbter Rucken (Tenor)
Part II: Recitative: Und die kriegsknechte flochten - Sehet, ich fuhre - Du hattest keine (Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus)
Part II: Chorale: Durch dein Gefangnis, Gottes Sohn (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Die Juden aber schrieen (Evangelist)
Part II: Aria: Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen (Bass)
Part II: Recitative: Allda kreuzigten sie ihn - Was ich geschrieden habe (Evangelist, Pilatus)
Part II: Chorale: In meines Herzens Grunde (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Die Kriegsknechte aber - Lasset uns den nicht zerteilen - Auf dass erfullet wurde die Schrift (Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus)
Part II: Chorale: Er nahm alles wohl in acht (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Und von Stund an - Mich durstet! (Evangelist, Jesus)
Part II: Aria: Es ist vollbracht (Alto)
Part II: Recitative: Und neigte das Haupt und verschied (Evangelist)
Part II: Aria: Mein teurer Heiland (Bass)
Part II: Recitative: Und siehe da, der Vorhang (Evangelist)
Part II: Arioso: Mein Herz, indem die ganze Welt (Tenor)
Part II: Aria: Zerfliesse, mein Herze (Soprano)
Part II: Recitative: Die Juden aber (Evangelist)
Part II: Chorale: O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Darnach bat Pilatum (Evangelist)
Part II: Chorale: Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine (Chorus)
Part II: Chorale: Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein (Chorus)
Part I: Chorale: O Mensch, bewein' dein Sunde gross (Chorus)
Part I: Aria: Himmel reisse, Welt erbebe (Bass)
Part I: Aria: Zerschmettert mich, ihr Felsen und ihr Hugel (Tenor)
Part II: Aria: Ach windet euch nicht so (Tenor)
Part II: Chorale: Christe, du Lamm Gottes (Chorus)
"Over hill, over dale"
"Oberon is passing fell and wrath"
"Well, go thy way"
"How now my love?"
"Be it on lion, bear, or wolf, or bull"
"Welcome wanderer!"
"Is all our company here?"
"Fair love, you faint with wand'ring in the wood"
"Through the forest have I gone"
"Stay, though thou kill me, sweet Demetrius"
"Come, now a roundel and a fairy song"
"You spotted snakes with double tongue"
"What thou seest when thou dost wake"
Introduction: The wood
"Are we all met?"
"I see their knavery"
"Be kind and courteous to this gentleman"
"Hail, mortal, hail!"
"I have a reas'nable good ear in music"
"How now, mad spirit?"
"Flower of this purple dye"
"Puppet? Why so?"
"This is thy negligence"
"Up and down, up and down"
"On the ground, sleep sound"
"My gentle Robin, see'st thou this sweet sight?"
"Helena! Hermi! Demetrius! Lysander!"
"When my cue comes, call me"
"Have you sent to Bottom's house?"
"Now, fair Hippolyta"
"If we offend, it is with our good will"
"Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show"
"In this same interlude it doth befall"
"O grim-look'd night, O night with hue so black"
"O wall, full often hast thou heard my moans"
"You ladies, you whose gentle hearts do fear"
"This lanthorn doth the horned moon present"
"Sweet moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams"
"Asleep, my love?"
"Come, your Bergomask"
"Now the hungry lion roars"
"Shake the cloud from off your brow"
"Ah! Belinda. I am prest with torment"
"When monarchs unite"
"Whence could so much virtue spring?"
"Fear no danger"
"See, see, your royal guest appears"
"Cupid only throws the dart"
"If not for mine"
"Pursue thy conquest, love"
A Dance Gittars Chacony
"To the hills and the vales"
The triumphing dance
Prelude for the witches - "Wayward sisters"
"Harm's our delight"
"The Queen of Carthage, whom we hate"
"In our deep vaulted cell"
Echo dance of the Furies
Ritornelle - "Thanks to these lonesome vales"
Glitter ground - a dance
"Oft she visits" - Ritornelle
"Behold upon my bending spear"
"Haste, haste to town"
"Stay, Prince, stay"
Prelude - "Come away, fellow sailors"
The Sailors' Dance
"See the flags and streamers curling"
"Destruction's our delight"
The Witches' Dance
"Your councel all is urg'd in vain"
"Great minds against themselves conspire"
"Thy Hand Belinda - When I Am Laid In Earth"
"With drooping wings"
Second Music: Air - Hornpipe
Trumpet Tune I
Wake Quivera, Wake
Why Should Men Quarrel?
By Ancient Prophecies
Trumpet Tune II
I Come To Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
What Flatt'ring Noise Is This?
Scorn'd Envy, Here's Nothing
Trumpet Tune
We Come To Sing Great Zempoalla's Story
Second Act Tune (Trumpet Tune reprise)
Ye Twice The Hundred Deities - By The Croaking
Symphony - Seek Not To Know
Trumpet Overture
Ah, How Happy Are We
We The Spirits Of The Air
I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly
Third Act Tune: Rondeau
They Tell Us That Your Mighty Powers
Fourth Act Tune: Air
While Thus We Bow
You, Who At The Altar - All Dismal Sounds
To Bless The Genial Bed - Come All, Come At My Call
I'm Glad I Have Met Him
The Joys Of Wedlock Soon Are Past - Sound, Sound The Trumpet
Make Haste, Make Haste To Put On Love's Chains
Trumpet Air - Let Loud Renown With All Her Thousand Tongues
No.1 Choeur de la populace troyenne: "Ha! Ha! Après dix ans"
No.2 Récitatif et air: "Les Grecs ont disparu" - "Malheureux roi!"
"Chorèbe..." - No.3 Duo: "C'est lui!" - "Quitte-nous dès ce soir"
Reviens à toi, vierge adorée
Signes trompeurs! . . . Quitte-nous dès ce soir
No.4 Marche et hymne: "Dieux protecteurs"
No.5 Combat de ceste - Pas de lutteurs
No.6 Pantomime: "Andromaque et son fils!"
Un traître, un espion!
No.7 Narration: "Du peuple et des soldats"
No.8 Ottetto et double choeur: "Châtiment effroyable!"
No.9 Récitatif et choeur: "Que la déesse" - "A cet objet sacré"
No.10 Air: "Non, je ne verrai pas"
Du roi des dieux, ô fille aimée
No.12 Scène et récitatif: Introduction - "O lumière de Troie!" - "Ah!... fuis, fils de Vénus"
No.13 Récitatif et choeur: "Quelle espérance" - "Le salut des vaincus"
No.14 Choeur-prière: "Ah! Puissante Cybèle"
No.15 Récitatif et choeur: "Tous ne périront pas" - "O digne soeur d'Hector"
No.16 Final: "Complices de sa gloire" - "Le trésor! le trésor!"
Cassandre, avec toi nous mourrons!
Prélude - Les Troyens à Carthage
No.17 Choeur: "De Carthage les cieux"
No.18 Chant national: "Gloire à Didon"
No.19 Récitatif et air: "Nous avons vu finir" - "Chers Tyriens"
No.20 Entrée des constructeurs
No.21 Entrée des matelots
No.22 Entrée des laboureurs
Peuple! Tous les honneurs
Les chants joyeux
Sa voix fait naître dans mon sein
No.25 Récitatif et air: "Echappés à grand peine" - "Errante sur les mers"
No.26 Marche troyenne dans le mode triste - "J'éprouve une soudaine et vive impatience"
No.27 Récitatif: "Auguste reine, un peuple"
No.28 Final: "J'ose à peine annoncer" - "Annonce à nos Troyens" - "Des armes! des armes!"
Annonce à nos Troyens l'entreprise nouvelle
No.29 Chasse royale et orage - Pantomime
No.30 Récitatif: "Dites Narbal, qui cause"
No.31 Air et duo: "De quel revers" - "Vaine terreur!"
No.32 Marche pour l'entrée de la reine
No.33 Ballet: a) Pas des almées
No.33 Ballet: b) Danse des esclaves
No.33 Ballet: c) Pas d'esclaves nubiennes
No.34 Scène et chant d'Iopas: "Assez, ma soeur" - "O blonde Cérès"
No.35 Récitatif et quintette: "Pardonne, Iopas" - "O pudeur!"
No.36 Récitatif et septuor: "Mais bannissons" - "Tout n'est que paix"
No.37 Duo: "Nuit d'ivresse et d'extase"
No.38 Chanson d'Hylas: "Vallon sonore"
No.39 Récitatif et choeur: "Préparez tout" - "Chaque jour voit grandir la colère"
No.40 Duo: "Par Bacchus! ils sont fous"
No.41 Récitatif mesuré et air: "Inutiles regrets" - "Ah! quand viendra"
Ah! quand viendra l'instant des suprêmes adieux
No.42 Scène: "Enée!..."
No.43 Scène et choeur: "Debout, Troyens" - "Alerte!"
No.44 Duo et choeur: "Errante sur tes pas" - "Italie!"
No.45 Scène: "Va, ma soeur, l'implorer"
No.46 Scène: "En mer, voyez!" - "Dieux immortels!"
No.47: "Ah! Ah! Je vais mourir"
No.48 Air: "Adieu, fière cité"
No.49 Cérémonie funèbre: "Dieux de l'oubli" - "S'il faut enfin qu' Enée"
No.50 Scène: "Pluton... semble m'être propice"
No.51 Choeur: "Ah! au secours!" - No.52 Imprécation: "Rome... Rome.. immortelle"
Part I: Symphony
Part I: Comfort ye my people (Tenor)
Part I: Ev'ry valley shall be exalted (Tenor)
Part I: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed (Chorus)
Part I: Thus saith the Lord of Hosts (Bass)
Part I: But who may abide the day of His coming (Alto)
Part I: And He shall purify (Chorus)
Part I: Behold, a virgin shall conceive (Alto)
Part I: O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion (Alto, Chorus)
Part I: For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (Bass)
Part I: The people that walked in darkness (Bass)
Part I: For unto us a child is born (Chorus)
Part I: Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
Part I: There were shepards (Soprano)
Part I: And the angel said unto them (Soprano)
Part I: And suddenly there was with the angel (Soprano)
Part I: Glory to God in the highest (Chorus)
Part I: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion (Soprano)
Part I: Then shall the eyes of the blind be open'd (Soprano)
Part I: He shall feed His flock like a shepherd (Soprano)
Part I: His yoke is easy, his burthen is light (Chorus)
Part II: Behold, The Lamb of God (Chorus)
Part II: He was despised (Alto)
Part II: Surely, He hath borne our griefs (Chorus)
Part II: And with His stripes we are healed (Chorus)
Part II: All we like sheep have gone astray (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: All they that see Him (Tenor)
Part II: He trusted in God (Chorus)
Part II: Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (Tenor)
Part II: Behold, and see if there be any sorrow (Tenor)
Part II: He was cut off out of the land of the living (Soprano)
Part II: But Thou didst not leave His soul in hell (Soprano)
Part II: Lift up your heads, O ye gates (Chorus)
Part II: Unto which of the Angels (Tenor)
Part II: Let all the angels of God worship Him (Chorus)
Part II: Thou art gone up on high (Alto)
Part II: The Lord gave the word (Chorus)
Part II: How beautiful are the feet (Soprano)
Part II: Their sound is gone out into all lands (Chorus)
Part II: Why do the nations so furiously rage together (Bass)
Part II: Let us break their bonds asunder (Chorus)
Part II: He that dwelleth in heaven (Tenor)
Part II: Thou shalt break them (Tenor)
Part II: Hallelujah (Chorus)
Part III: I know that my redeemer liveth (Soprano)
Part III: Since by man came death (Chorus)
Part III: Behold, I tell you a mystery (Bass)
Part III: The trumpet shall sound (Bass)
Part III: Then shall be brought to pass the saying (Alto)
Part III: O death, where is thy sting (Alto, Tenor)
Part III: But thanks be to God (Chorus)
Part III: If God be for us (Soprano)
Part III: Worthy is the Lamb that was slain ... Amen (Chorus)
Welcome to all the pleasures
"Here the deities approve" - "While joys celestial"
"Then lift up your voices" - "The pow'r shall divert us a pleasanter way"
Beauty, thou scene of love
In a consort of voices
"Of old, when heroes thought it base" - "Brigantium, honour'd with a race divine"
The bashful Thames, for beauty so renowned
The pale and the purple rose
And in each track of glory since
And now when the renown'd Nassau
They did no storms, nor threat'nings fear
So when the glitt'ring Queen of Night
Let music join
Sound, trumpets, sound!
Sound all to him
Semele HWV58: Where'er you walk
Semele HWV58: Where'er you walk
1. Dixit Dominus
2. Virgam virtutis tuae
3. Tecum principium in die virtutis
4. Juravit Dominus
5. Tu es sacerdos in aeternum
6. Dominus a dextris tuis
7. Judicabit in nationibus
8. De torrente in via bibet
9. Gloria Patri
1. Nisi Dominus
2. Vanum est
3. Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum
4. Sicut sagittae in manu potentis (Allegro)
5. Beatus vir
6. Gloria Patri
Oedipus rex., Act I: Spectateurs...(Le Speaker)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Kaedit nos pestis (Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Liberi, vos liberabo (Oedipe, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Respondit deus (Créon)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Non reperias vetus scelus (Oedipe, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Oedipe interroge la fontaine de vérité (Le Speaker, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Dikere non possum, dicere non licet (Tirésias, Oedipe)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Invidia fortunam odit (Oedipe)
Oedipus rex., Act I: Gloria, gloria, gloria! (Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Gloria (Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act II: La dispute des princes attire Jocasta (Le Speaker)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Nonn' erubescite, reges (Jocasta, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Ego senem cecedi (Oedipe, Jocasta, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Le témoin du meutre sort de l'ombre (LeSpeaker, Chorus, Le Messager)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Oportebat tacere, nunquam loqui (Le Berger)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Nonne monstrum rescituri (Oedipe)
Oedipus rex., Act II: In monte reppertus est (Le Berger, Le Messager, Oedipe, Chorus)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Et maintenant, vous allez entendre ... (Le Speaker)
Oedipus rex., Act II: Divum Jocastae caput mortuum! (Le Messager, Chorus)
1. Dixit Dominus
2. Virgam virtutis tuae
3. Tecum principium in die virtutis
4. Juravit Dominus
5. Tu es sacerdos in aeternum
6. Dominus a dextris tuis
7. Judicabit in nationibus
8. De torrente in via bibet
9. Gloria Patri
1. Nisi Dominus
2. Vanum est
3. Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum
4. Sicut sagittae in manu potentis (Allegro)
5. Beatus vir
6. Gloria Patri
Andante larghetto
1. Chorus: How excellent thy Name, O Lord
2. Air: An Infant rais'd by thy Command - 3. Trio: Along the Monster Atheist strode
4. Chorus: The Youth inspir'd by Thee, O Lord
5. Chorus: How excellent thy Name, O Lord
6. Recitative: He comes - 7. Air: O Godlike Youth!
8. Recitative: Behold, O King, the brave victorious Youth
9. Air: O King, your Favours with Delight I take - 10. Recitative: O early Piety!
11. Air: What abject Thoughts a Prince can have - 12. Recitative: Yet think, on whom this Honour you bestow
13. Air: Birth and Fortune I despise!
14. Recitative: Go on, illustrious Pair! - 15. Air: While yet thy Tide of Blood runs high
16. Recitative: Thou, Merab, first in Birth - 17. Air: My Soul rejects the Thought - 18. Air: See, see with what a scornful Air - 19. Air: Ah! Lovely Youth!
20. Symphony - 21. Recitative: Already see - 22.Chorus: Welcome, welcome mighty King!
23. Accompagnato: What do I hear? - 24. Chorus: David his Ten Thousands slew - 25. Accompagnato: To him Ten thousands!
26. Air: With Rage I shall burst his Praises to hear!
27. Recitative: Imprudent Women!
28. Air: Fell Rage and black Despair possessed
29. Recitative: This but the smallest Part of Harmony 30. Accompagnato: By thee this Universal Frame
31. Recitative: Rack'd with Infernal Pains
32. Air: O Lord, whose Mercies - 33. Symphony
34: Recitative: 'Tis all in vain - 35. Air: A Serpent in my Bosom warm'd - 36. Recitative: Has he escaped my Rage?
37. Air: Capricious Man
38. Accompagnato: O Filial Piety!
39. Air: No, no cruel Father, no
40. Air: O Lord, whose Providence Ever wakes for their Defence
41. Chorus: Preserve him for the Glory of thy Name
Act 1
42. Chorus: Envy! Eldestborn of Hell!
43. Recitative: Ah! dearest Friend
44. Air: But sooner Jordan's Stream, I swear
45. Recitative: O strange Vicissitude!
46. Air: Such haughty Beauties
47. Recitative: My Father comes - 48. Recitative: Hast thou obey'd my Orders
49. Air: Sin not, o King, against the Youth
50. Air: As great Jehovah lives
51. Air: From Cities storm'd, and Battles won
52. Recitative: Appear, my Friend
53. Air: Your Words, O King - 54. Recitative: Yes he shall wed my Daughter!
55. Recitative: A Father's Will
56. Duet: O Fairest of ten thousand Fair - 57. Chorus: Is there a Man
58. Symphony
59. Recitative: Thy Father is as cruel
60. Duet: At Persecution I can laugh
61. Recitative: Whom dost thou seek?
62. Air: No, no, let the Guilty tremble
63. Recitative: Mean as he was
64. Air: Author of Peace
65. Symphony
66. Accompagnato: The Time at length is come - 67. Recitative: Where is the Son of Jesse
68. Chorus: O fatal Consequence of Rage
69. Accompagnato: Wretch that I am - 70. Accompagnato: 'Tis said, here lives a Woman - 71. Recitative: With me what would'st thou?
72. Air: Infernal Spirits
73. Accompagnato: Why hast thou forc'd me from the Realms of Peace
74. Symphony
75. Recitative: Whence comest thou? - 76. Air: Impious Wretch, of Race accurst
77. March
78. Chorus: Mourn Israel
79. Air: O let it not in Gath be heard
80. Air: From this unhappy Day
81. Air: Brave Jonathan his Bow ne'er drew
82. Chorus: Eagles were not so swift as they
83. Air: In sweetest Harmony
84. Solo and Chorus: O fatal Day
85. Recitative: Ye Men of Judah, weep no more
86. Chorus: Gird on thy Sword
No. 1. Let me enjoy the earth
No. 2. In years defaced
No. 3. The Market Girl
No. 4. I look into my glass
No. 5. It never looks like summer here
No. 6. At a Lunar Eclipse
No. 7. Life laughs onwards
No. 1. I say 'I'll seek her side'
No. 2. Oh fair to see
No. 3. As I lay in the early sun
No. 4. Only the wanderer
No. 5. To Joy
No. 6. Harvest
No. 7. Since we loved
Der Fruhling (Spring): Introduction and Recitative: Seht, wie der strenge Winter (Simon, Lukas, Hanne)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Komm, holder Lenz! (Chorus)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Recitative: Vom Widder strahlet jetzt (Simon)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Aria: Schon eilet froh der Ackersmann (Simon)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Recitative: Der Landmann hat sein Werk vollbracht (Lukas)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Trio: Sei nun gnadig, milder Himmel! (Lukas, Simon, Hanne, Chorus)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Recitative: Erhort ist unser Flehn (Hanne)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Trio: Song of Joy: O wie lieblich ist der Anblick (Hanne, Lukas, Simon, Chorus)
Der Fruhling (Spring): Ewiger, machtiger, gutiger Gott! (Chorus, Hanne, Lukas, Simon)
Der Sommer (Summer): Recitative: In grauem Schleier ruckt heran (Lukas, Simon)
Der Sommer (Summer): Aria: Der munt're Hirt versammelt nun (Simon) - Recitative: Die Morgenrote bricht hervor (Hanne)
Der Sommer (Summer): Trio: Sie steigt herauf, die Sonne (Hanne, Lukas, Simon, Chorus)
Der Sommer (Summer): Recitative: Nun regt und bewegt sich alles umher (Simon)
Der Sommer (Summer): Recitative: Die Mittagssonne brennet jetzt (Lukas)
Der Sommer (Summer): Cavatina: Dem Druck' erlieget die Natur (Lukas)
Der Sommer (Summer): Recitative: Willkommen jetzt, o dunkler Hain (Hanne)
Der Sommer (Summer): Aria: Welche Labung fur die Sinne (Hanne)
Der Sommer (Summer): Recitative: O seht, es steiget in der schwulen Luft (Simon, Lukas, Hanne)

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