John Beckwith


Born: March 9, 1927; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  
[John] Beckwith studied at Toronto University and in Paris with [Nadia] Boulanger. He served as a teacher for Toronto University and as music critic and columnist for the Toronto Star. A prolific composer, his work includes ballets, chamber operas and many choral pieces. Many of his later works are known as collage pieces that utilize text and theatre as well as music. This method of composition is evident in the series +Canada Dash, Canada Read more Dot", commissioned by the CBC. John Beckwith (ed.) insists that he is not a nationalist. However, he has consistently written from his home in southern Ontario and has stated that 'I believe in the importance of environment, local colour, "accent." Music...achieves universality at least partly through loving care and attention paid to these things.' Read less