Johann Ludwig Trepulka


Born: August 19 1903, Vienna, Austria   Died: 1945, Gdańsk, Poland (Missing)   Country: Austria, Poland   Period: 20th Century
Johann Ludwig Trepulka was a Viennese composer and pianist who studied with Josef Matthias Hauer, one of the founders of an alternate type of 12 tone music, different from that of Arnold Schoenberg. By 1940 Trepulka was working in Krakow, Poland as a musician employed at the State Theatre. It is believed he composed several theater scores which are lost. In late 1944 Trepulka was drafted into the German army and sometime during February of 1945 Read more was missing in action somewhere within the district of Gdansk, then known as Danzig. Among his surviving works are series of Opus 2 piano pieces with haunting titles drawn from the in the words of Nicolaus Lenau and a Symphony for Organ, Chorus and Orchestra titled "Light and Darkness." Read less
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