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Act I: Ye Sons of Israel, ev'ry tribe attend (Chorus of Israelites)
Act I: Recitative: Behold, my friends, what vast rewards are giv'n (Joshua, Caleb)
Act I: Aria: O first in wisdom, what vast rewards are giv'n (Caleb)
Act I: Recitative: Matrons and virgins. with unwearied pray'r (Achsah)
Act I: Aria: Oh! Who can tell, oh! Who can hear (Achsah)
Act I: Recitative: Caleb, attend to all I now prescribe (Joshua)
Act I: To long to posterity we were record (Chorus, Joshua)
Act I: Recitative: How long shall the memory last (Joshua)
Act I: Aria: While Kedron's brook to Jordan's stream (Joshua)
Act I: Recitative: But, who is he? - tremendous to behold! (Othniel)
Act I: Aria: Awful, pleasing being say (Othniel)
Act I: Recitative: Joshua, I come commission'd from on high (Angel, Joshua)
Act I: Recitative: Leader of Israel (Angel)
Act I: Recitative: To give command, prerogative is thine (Joshua)
Act I: Aria: Haste, haste Israel (Joshua)
Act I: The Lord commands, and Joshua leads (Chorus)
Act I: Recitative: In these blest scenes (Othniel, Achsah)
Act I: Recitative: 'Tis Achsah's voice! (Othniel, Achsah)
Act I: Recitative: Hail, lovely virgin of this blissful bow'r! (Othniel, Achsah)
Act I: Aria: Hark! 'tis the linnet and the thrush (Achsah)
Act I: Recitative: O Achsah, form'd for ev'ry chaste delight (Othniel)
Act I: Duet: Our limpid streams with freedom flow (Achsah, Othniel)
Act I: Recitative: The trumpet calls; now Jericho shall know (Othniel)
Act I: May all the host of heav'n attend him round (Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: 'Tis well six times the Lord hath been obey'd (Joshua)
Act II: A solemn march during the circumvention of the Ark of the Covenant
Act II: Glory to God! - The nations tremble (Chorus, Joshua)
Act II: Recitative: The walls are levell'd (Caleb)
Act II: Aria: See, the raging flames arise (Caleb)
Act II: Aria: To vanity and earthly pride (Achsah)
Act II: Recitative: Let all the seed of Abrah'm now prepare (Joshua)
Act II: Aria: Almighty ruler of the skies (Joshua, Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: Joshua, the men dispatch'd by thee to learn (Caleb)
Act II: How soon tow'ring our hopes are cross'd (Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: Whence this dejection? (Joshua)
Act II: Aria: With redoubled rage return (Joshua, Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: Now give the army breath; let war a while (Othniel)
Act II: Aria: Heroes when with glory burning (Othniel)
Act II: Recitative: Indulgent heav'n hath heard my virgin pray'r (Achsah)
Act II: Aria: As cheers the sun the tender flow'r (Achsah)
Act II: Recitative: Sure I'm deceiv'd, with sorrow I behold (Caleb, Othniel)
Act II: Aria: Nations, who in future story (Othniel)
Act II: Recitative: Brethren and friends, what joy this scene imparts (Joshua)
[Flourish of warlike instruments]
Act II: Recitative: Thus far our cause is favour'd (Caleb)
Act II: Chorus: Oh! Thou bright orb, great ruler of the day (Joshua, Chorus)
Act III: Hail! Mighty Joshua, Hail! (Chorus)
Act III: Aria: Happy, oh thrice happy we (Achsah)
Act III: Recitative: Caleb, for holy Eleazer send (Joshua, Caleb)
Act III: Aria: Shall I in mamre's fertile plain (Caleb)
Act III: For all these mercies we will sing (Chorus)
Act III: Recitative: O Caleb, fear'd by foes, by friends ador'd (Othniel, Caleb)
Act III: Aria: Place danger around me (Othniel)
Act III: Father of mercy, hear the pray'r we make (Chorus)
Act III: Recitative: In bloom of youth, this stripling hath achiev'd (Joshua)
Act III: See the conqu'ring hero comes (Chorus)
Act III: Duet: See the godlike youth advance! (Virgins) - See, the conqu'ring hero comes! (Chorus)
Act III: Recitative: Welcome! My son, my Othniel, good and great (Caleb, Othniel, Achsah)
Act III: Aria: Oh! Had I Jubal's lyre (Achsah)
Act III: Recitative: While life shall last (Othniel)
Act III: Duet: O peerless maid, with beauty blest (Othniel, Achsah)
Act III: Recitative: While lawless tyrants, with ambition blind (Caleb)
Act III: The great Jehovah is our awful theme (Chorus)

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