Jeremy Barlow


Born: July 25, 1939; London, England  
Jeremy Barlow is one of the most versatile musicians on the British early music scene, with a career encompassing writing, lecturing, and performing. After studying at Trinity College Cambridge and the Royal Academy of Music, London, his first job was as flutist with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. After this, he worked for several years as flutist and music director for several London theaters, including the National Theatre and the Royal Read more Shakespeare Theater. Barlow founded the Broadside Band, a period-instrument ensemble that specializes in English popular music from 1550 - 1750. In addition to being the director of this ensemble, Barlow plays a variety of instruments, including Virginals, regal, flute, recorders, flageolets, pipe, and tabor. With the Broadside Band, Barlow has recorded a large body of English dance music. The Broadside Band's recording of The Beggar's Opera on Hyperion (featuring Bob Hoskins and Sarah Walker) won an Edison award and its Songs and Dances From Shakespeare found a wide audience. In addition to performing, Barlow has also worked as a producer and broadcaster for the BBC and as a leading authority on music in Shakespeare's England. He is also the author of a book on Hogarth's musical imagery. Read less

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