Jennifer Castellano


Born: 1989   Died: -   Country: USA   Period: 20th/21st Centuries
Jennifer Castellano received her Bachelor of Arts in Music in classical piano from Manhattanville College and a Master of Music in composition from Purchase College

Many of her compositions reveal her philosophy regarding the similarities between sound and color as well as music and visual imagery.

Ms Castellano, who is both visually and hearing impaired, is a member of the Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss, Piano Read more Society, ASCAP and serves as Secretary/PR Coordinator for New York Women Composers. She is a member of the recreation staff applying music therapy techniques at Sunshine Children's Home & Rehabilitation Center, a nursing facility that specializes in the care and treatment of medically complex children who require post acute, rehabilitative care.
Her composition titled Spectrum, Seven Preludes for Piano, was inspired by a work by the American artist, Ellsworth Kelly (b. 1923)and is structured as an audio representation of the seven colors of the rainbow, each represented by a different tonality or pitch center: A being red, B orange, C yellow, D green, E blue, F indigo, and G violet. Spectrum abandons the use of the conventional major-minor key systems and instead uses a scale which the composer invented called the Castellonian Mode. In it’s original form the scale is spelled C D E F G G# (or Ab) A Bb C. The sound of this new tonal system exhibits both major and minor-like qualities and yet has a new sonority of its own. The Castellonian Mode was invented in the summer of 2004 and has served as the basis of many of her tonal compositions. In addition to a fascination with musical sounds and colors, Jennifer Castellano also has a great love of birds. Read less

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