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Fuchs: Music For Unaccompanied Viola / Mallow

Release Date: 07/25/2006 
Label:  Naxos   Catalog #: 8557932   Spars Code: DDD 
Composer:  Lillian Fuchs
Performer:  Jeanne Mallow
Number of Discs: 2 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 1 Hours 53 Mins. 

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Notes and Editorial Reviews

In the 1950's Lillian Fuchs recorded her arrangements of the Bach solo cello suites and the critical appraisal was very positive. She also arranged the Bach solo violin sonatas for the viola but apparently never recorded them. But violists are grateful to her for what she did throughout her career: writing, recording and concertizing to improve the status of the viola as a solo instrument, instead of being merely the harmonic glue that holds the top and bottom of an ensemble together. We know that the bass line in a baroque ensemble is generally doubled by the harpsichord. But when you work with figured bass you see clearly that one of its functions is to emphasize the viola part and make it more audible, to help it to fill in the middle Read more harmonies.

The view from the viola is of the inside of the instrumental texture both up and down. To play the viola, as did, for example, Hermann Scherchen, is to be aware of the inner structure of the music, be it chamber or symphonic. As conductors, violists are generally concerned that the inner voices be heard and generally produce satisfying, analytical, performances of works that do not depend on flash or dazzle to make their point.

We learn from a recent treatise on musical instruments (Musical Instruments: History, Technology and Performance of Instruments of Western Music by Campbell, Greated, and Myers. OUP, 2004, ISBN 0-19-816504-8) that the viola is actually too small for its tuning to be a scale model of the violin. Great skill and experience is required to place the resonances of the box so as to radiate the sound effectively, and a good viola is not only more difficult to make that a good violin but more difficult to play as well, especially if the player is to bring out the dark, contralto register that is the unique property of this instrument. Ms. Mallow achieves some deeply wonderful growls from her instrument as well as soaring sweet lyricism, and makes everything sound easy to play, which it most certainly is not.

Of the works presented here, the Sonata Pastorale is the most musical, the one you are most likely to listen to repeatedly. The other works are pedagogical and although there are many moments of great beauty and interest, there is also some sawing and running up and down, the curse of music for solo string instruments. It is difficult to imagine this music being more musically or more sympathetically performed than it is here by Fuchs’ granddaughter, Jeanne Mallow, using her grandmother’s renowned instrument.

-- Paul Shoemaker, MusicWeb International
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Works on This Recording

Fantasy Etudes (16) by Lillian Fuchs
Performer:  Jeanne Mallow (Viola)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1959 
Length: 42 Minutes 10 Secs. 
Notes: St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (07/17/2003 - 07/21/2003); St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (09/27/2003 - 09/29/2003) 
Characteristic Studies (15) for Viola by Lillian Fuchs
Performer:  Jeanne Mallow (Viola)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1965 
Length: 32 Minutes 25 Secs. 
Notes: St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (07/17/2003 - 07/21/2003); St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (09/27/2003 - 09/29/2003) 
Caprices (12) for Viola by Lillian Fuchs
Performer:  Jeanne Mallow (Viola)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1950 
Length: 26 Minutes 20 Secs. 
Notes: St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (07/17/2003 - 07/21/2003); St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (09/27/2003 - 09/29/2003) 
Sonata Pastorale for Viola solo by Lillian Fuchs
Performer:  Jeanne Mallow (Viola)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1956 
Length: 12 Minutes 4 Secs. 
Notes: St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (07/17/2003 - 07/21/2003); St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket, Ontario (09/27/2003 - 09/29/2003) 

Sound Samples

16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 1. Preludio: Moderato
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 2. Venusto: Allegretto
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 3. Piacevole: Allegro moderato
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 4. Risonante: Andante
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 5. Amorevole: Allegretto
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 6. Risentito: Moderato
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 7. Posato: Andante
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 8. Agilmente: Allegro assai
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 9. Morbidezza: Andante
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 10. Giochevole: Allegretto
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 11. Strepitoso: Moderato
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 12. Fugato: Allegro giusto
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 13. Frescamente: Moderato
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 14. Aria parlante: Andante
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 15. Marziale: Tempo di Marcia
16 Fantasy Etudes: No. 16. Precipitoso: Vivace
Sonata Pastorale: I. Fantasia
Sonata Pastorale: II. Pastorale -
Sonata Pastorale: II. Allegro - Energico
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 1. Moderato
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 2. Allegretto
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 3. Andante
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 4. Giocoso
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 5. Allegro piacevole
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 6. Vivace
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 7. Maestoso
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 8. Allegro
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 9. Comodo
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 10. Strepitoso
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 11. Dolendo
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 12. Amabile
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 13. Andante sonore
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 14. Fuga
15 Characteristic Studies: No. 15. Perpetuum mobile
12 Caprices: No. 1. Allegro giusto
12 Caprices: No. 2. Deciso
12 Caprices: No. 3. Comodo
12 Caprices: No. 4. Agitato
12 Caprices: No. 5. Allegretto amabile
12 Caprices: No. 6. Mormoramente
12 Caprices: No. 7. Giocoso
12 Caprices: No. 8. Lesto
12 Caprices: No. 9. Alla marcia
12 Caprices: No. 10. Doloroso
12 Caprices: No. 11. Fuga
12 Caprices: No. 12. Perpetuum mobile

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