Jean Tubery


Jean Tubéry is a Baroque wind player and leader of Ensemble la Fenice, one of the most reputable and longest established period wind ensembles in Europe. Tubéry began his studies in Toulouse and at the Amsterdam Conservatory as a recorder player, but later changed to specializing on the cornetto. After studying with Bruce Dickey at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Tubéry shortly found plenty of work on the cornetto, working with the Clemencic Read more Consort, Les Arts Florissants, Concerto Vocale, Hesperion XXI, and La Petite Bande among many others. In 1990, Tubéry founded his own group, Ensemble la Fenice, which has proven a dominant force in the European early music scene ever since, an unusual status accorded to a cornetti ensemble.

Ensemble la Fenice has had a hand in many early music recordings, and has recorded for practically all of the European labels that trade in early music. However, the continuing series on Ricercar, The Heritage of Monteverdi, which features Ensemble la Fenice as the central point of focus, has been singled out as one of the group's, and therefore Tubéry's, finest achievements. Read less

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