Jan Jacob Van Eyck


Jacob van Eyck was a blind Dutch carillonist, recorder player, and composer. Though he is known today largely for his collection of recorder solos, Der Fluyten Lust-hof, his contributions to the art of carillon-making and playing were substantial.

Van Eyck spent his early years at Heusden in southern Holland before being appointed carillonist in Utrecht in 1625, and had several pupils. He was the first to discover the link between
Read more the overtone structure and the shape of the bell. In partnership with the famous bellfounders, the Hemony brothers, he worked out the dimensions for the "pure" bell, which spread throughout Europe and became the standard carillon bells. His theory is still used by bellfounders today. Van Eyck's bells have a minor overtone series causing the characteristic melancholy sound of a well-tuned carillon.

In addition to his carillon duties, the cathedral paid Van Eyck an additional salary to wander the grounds of Utrecht cathedral and entertain the passers-by with songs on his recorder. He (presumably consequently) became a skilled improviser on a theme and three collections of his variations for descant recorder were published: Euterpe and the two parts of Der Fluyten Lust-hof (or "The Flute's Pleasure-Garden"). Der Fluyten Lust-hof contains 144 sets of variations on a variety of melodies popular in Renaissance Holland. One of the best known is the variation on Dowland's Pavane Lacrymae. Although Van Eyck wrote them for amateur musicians, the different sets commonly increase in technical difficulty towards the end. Some of them are very difficult indeed. This is one of the largest Renaissance collections of solo recorder music. It is particularly unusual as the instrument used is the less popular descant recorder rather than the more common alto. Read less

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Jan Jacob Van Eyck

I. Preludium of Voorspel
II. Onse Vader in Hemedryck
III. Doen Daphne d´over schoone Maeght
IV. Psalm 118
V. Malle Symen
VI. Psalm 140 ofte iten Goboden
VII. Aerdigh Martyntje
VIII. Pavaen Lachrymae
IX. Lavignone
X. Rosemont
XI. Courante, of Ach treurt myn bedroefde (schapen)
XII. d´Lof-zangh Marie
XIII. Frans Ballet
XIV. Stil, stil een reys
XV. Fantasia & Echo
XVI. Geswinde Bode van de Min
XVII. Onan of Tanneken
XVIII. Psalm 68
XIX. l´Amie Cillae
XX. Bravade
XXI. Psalm 103
XXII. Van Goosen
XXIII. Si vous me voules guerir
XXIV. Courante
XXV. Ghy Ridders in het prachtigh Romen
XXVI. Ballette Gravesand
XXVII. Engels Nachtegaeltje
XXVIII. Ach Moorderesse
XXIX. Lanterlu
XXX. Philis schoone Harderinne
XXXI. Vande Lombart
XXXII. Comagain
XXXIII. Courant
XXXIV. Tweede Daphne
XXXV. Anarilli mia Bella
XXXVI. Lus de mi alma
XXXVII. Engels Lied
XXXVIII. Philis quam Philander tegen
XXXIX. Al hebben de Princen haren (wensch)
XL. Tweede Rosemond
XLI. De zoete Zoomer tyden
XLII. Wilhelmus van Nassouwen
XLIII. Meysje wilje by myn slapen
XLIV. Courante Mars
XLV. Batali (Battle)
XLVI. Schoonste Herderinne
XLVII. Rosemond die lagh gedoocken
XLVIII. Ballette Bronckhorst
XLIX. Wat zal men op den Avond doen
L. Sarabanda
LI. Repicavan
LII. Janneman en Alemoer
LIII. O Heyligh Zaligh Bethlehem
LIV. Tweede Courante Mars
LV. Tweede Lavignione
LVI. Pavane Lacryme
LVII. Een Schots Lietjen
LVIII. Derde, Doen Daphne
LIX. Amarilliken doet myn Williken
LX. Eerste Carileen
LXI. Tweede Carileen
LXII. Stemme nova
LXIII. Stemme nova II
LXIV. Derde Carileen
LXV. Amarilli mia bella
LXVI. Courante Madamme de la moutaine
LXVII. O slaep, o zoete sleap
LXVIII. Gabrielle Maditelle
LXIX. Een Spaense Voys
LXX. Een Courant
LXXI. Bien heureus
LXXII. Vierde Carileen
LXXIII. Een Frans Air
LXXIV. Kits Almande
LXXV. Schasamisie vous re veille
LXXVI. Prinst Robberts Masco
LXXVII. Waeckt op Israel
LXXVIII. Phillis schoon Herderinne, met 2
LXXIX. Engels Liedt, met 2
LXXX. More palatino, met 2
LXXXI. Amarilli mia bella, met 2
LXXXII. Prins Robberts Masco, met 2
LXXXIII. Princesse hier koom ick by nacht
LXXXIV. Wel Jan &c.
LXXXV. Psalm 150
LXXXVI. Preludium
LXXXVII. Phantasia
LXXXIX. Silvester inde Morgenstont
XC. Almande Verryt
XCI. Psalm 9
XCII. La Bergere
XCIII. France air
XCIV. Princes roaecyle
XCV. Psalm 33
XCVI. Philis en son bel Atente
XCVII. Ho ho op myn brack en winden, &c.
XCVIII. Postillon
XCIX. Na dien u Godlyckheyt
C. Onder de Linde groene
CI. Bockxvoetje
CII. Psalm 119
CIII. En fin l´Amour
CIV. Lossy
CV. Boffons
CVI. Psalm 133
CVII. De lustelycke Mey
CVIII. Excusemoy
CIX. Verdwaelde Konongin(ne)
CX. Malle Symen
CXI. Blydschap van myn vliedt
CXII. Den Nachtegael
CXIII.I. Balet, of Vluchste Nimphje vande Jaght
CXIV. Janneman en Alemoer
CXV.II. Ballet, of Ay Harder hoort
CXVI. Een Kindeken is ons gebooren
CXVII.II. Courant, of Harte diefje waerom zoo stil
CXVIII. Courante I
CXIX.III. Ballet
CXX. Wel op, wel op, ick gae ter jaght
CXXI.IV. Ballet
CXXII. Lanterlu
CXXIII. Psalm 15
CXXIV. Laura
CXXV. Puer nobis nascitur
CXXVI. Psalm 116
CXXVII. Questa dolce sirena
CXXVIII. Ballet de Grevelinge
CXXIX. Almande prime roses
CXXX. Lavolette
CXXXI. De eerste licke-pot
CXXXII. De tweede licke-pot
CXXXIII. Ick plach wel in den tydt voor dezen
CXXXIV. Een Frans Air (Pour moy)
CXXXV. Orainge
CXXXVI. Sarabande
CXXXVII. Beginnende door reden ons gegeven
CXXXVIII. stemme nova
CXXXIX. Bocxvoetje
CXL. Fantasia
CXLI. Psalm 101
CXLII. De France Courant
CXLIII. Psalm 134

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