Jacques Charpentier


Born: October 18, 1933; Paris, France  
Charpentier studied Hindu music in Bombay and Calcutta in 1953 - 1954 and later attended the Paris Conservatoire, studying with Aubin and Messiaen. His music is a combination of these influences. Most of his works are based on the Carnatic modes, those that contain all of the possible seven-note scales using intervals of one, two, or three semi-tones. An example of this is the karna kangi mode that is C - D flat - E double flat - F - G - A flat - Read more B double flat. The influence of Messiaen can be seen in his use of harmony, rhythm, organ style, and theology. In addition to his compositional work, Charpentier has served as an organist and as an inspector of music for the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Read less

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