Jacinto Guerrero


Born: August 16, 1895; Toledo, OH   Died: September 15, 1951; Madrid, Spain  
Jacinto Guerrero was one of the most beloved and prolific zarzuela composers of the twentieth century, writing more than 200, at the pace of two or three a year. He also wrote popular songs and, early in his career, sacred music. Guerrero studied at the Madrid Conservatory. Upon graduation, he was a violinist at the Teatro Apolo, eventually becoming the orchestra's conductor. His first zarzuelas had only moderate successes, but his songs were Read more popular. In 1921, his zarzuela La alsaciana was a tremendous hit. Subsequent successes included La montería in 1922, Los gavilanes, the next year, Huesped del Sevillano, in 1926, El ama, in 1931, and Tiene razon don Sebastian, in 1944. During his years of peak productivity for the theater, he also wrote music for Spanish films, including Do re mi o la vida privada de un tenor (a remake of Don Quintin el amargao), and Definiciones. He also led traveling zarzuela troupes, in an effort to popularize the genre outside of Spain. Read less

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