Iestyn Davies

Flow My Tears - Songs for Lute, Viol & Voice / Iestyn Davies
Release Date: 03/17/2015   Label: Wigmore Hall Live  
Catalog: 74   Number of Discs: 1
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Steffani: Niobe Regina Di Tebe / Hengelbrock, Davies, Gens, Miles, Galou
Release Date: 03/31/2015   Label: Opus Arte  
Catalog: 9008   Number of Discs: 2
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Accompagnato ed Arioso « Vain Fluctuating State of Human Empire! »
Aria « Thou, God Most High, and Thou Alone »
Recitative « The Fate of Babylon, I Fear, Is Nigh. » « O Much Belov'd »
Air « Lament Not Thus, O Queen, in Vain! »
Chorus of Babylonians « Behold By Persia'S Hero Made »
Recitative « Well May They Laugh, from Meagre Famine Safe » - Accompagnato « Oh Memory »
Aria « Opprest With Never Ceasing Grief »
Aria « Dry Those Unavailing Tears »
Recitative « Be Comforted: Safe Tho' the Tyrant Seem » - Accompagnato « Methought, As On the Bank of Deep Euphrates »
Aria « Behold the Monstrous Human Beast »
Recitative « Can You Then Think It Strange, If Drown'd in Wine » - Aria « Great God! Who Yet But Darkly Known »
Chorus « All Empires Upon God Depend »
Arioso « O Sacred Oracles of Truth! » - Aria « Amaz'd to Find the Foe So Near » - Chorus of Persians « to Arms, to Arms, No More Delay »
Accompagnato « Rejoice, My Countrymen: the Time Draws Near » - Recitative « For Long Ago » - Accompagnato « Thus Saith the Lord to Cyrus His Anointed »
Chorus « Sing, O Ye Heav'Ns, for the Lord Hath Done It »
Aria « Let Festal Joy Triumphant Reign » - Recitative « For You, My Friends, the Nobles of My Court »
Aria « The Leafy Honours of the Field »
Recitative « It Is the Custom; I May Say, the Law » 
Chorus of Jews « Recall, O King, Thy Rash Command »
Recitative « They Tell You True; Nor Can You Be to Learn »
Duet « O Dearer Than My Life, Forbear »
Chorus of Jews « By Slow Degrees the Wrath of God to Its Meridian Height Ascends »
Chorus « See, from His Post Euphrates Flies! » - Semichorus « Why Faithless River Dost Thou Leave » - Semichorus « Euphrates Hath His Task Fulfil'd » - Chorus « Of Things On Earth, Proud Man Must Own »
Recitative « You See, My Friends, a Path Into the City » - Aria « Amaz'd to Find the Foe So Near » - Chorus of Persians « to Arms, to Arms, No More Delay »
Chorus « Ye Tutelar Gods of Our Empire, Look Down »
Aria « Let the Deep Bowl Thy Praise Confess »
Accompagnato and Chorus « Where Is the God of Judah'S Boasted Pow'R? » - Recitative « Call All Our Wisemen, Sorcerers, Chaldeans »
Recitative « Ye Sages, Welcome Always to Your King » - Trio « Alas! Too Hard a Task the King Imposes » - Chorus « O Misery! O Terror! Hopeless Grief! »
Recitative « O King, Live for Ever! » - Aria « No: to Thyself Thy Trifles Be »
Accompagnato « Yet to Obey His Dread Command » « Thou, O King, Hast Lifted Up Thyself » - Recitative « O Sentence Too Severe! and Yet Too Sure! »
Aria « Regard, O Son, My Flowing Tears »
Aria « O God of Truth! O Faithful Guide! » - Recitative « You, Gobrias, Lead Directly to the Palace »
Chorus « O Glorious Prince! Thrice Happy They »
Aria « Alternate Hopes and Fears Distract My Mind » - Recitative « Fain Would I Hope. Is There Not Room to Hope? »
Aria « Can the Black Æthiop Change His Skin? » Recitative « My Hopes Revive, Here Arioch Comes: By This »
Chorus of Jews « Bel Boweth Down! Nebo Stoopeth! »
Aria « I Thank Thee, Sesach, Thy Sweet Pow'R » - a Martial Symphony
Aria « To Pow'R Immortal My First Thanks Are Due » - Recitative « Be It Thy Care, Good Gobrias, to Find Out »
Aria « Destructive War Thy Limits Know »
Duett « Great Victor, At Your Feet I Bow » - Recitative « Say, Venerable Prophet, Is There Ought »
Soli and Chorus « Tell It Out Among the Heathen, That the Lord Is King. »
Accompagnato « Yes, I Will Build Thy City, God of Israel »
Anthem « I Will Magnify Thee, O God My King, »
Act II: La rondinella amante
Act II: Aria: La rondinella amante
Lobet Gott in seinen Reichen (Chorus)
Recitative: Der Herr Jesus hub seine Hande auf (Tenor)
Recitative: Ach, Jesu, ist dein Abschied schon so nah? (Bass)
Aria: Ach bleibe doch, mein liebstes Leben (Alto)
Recitative: Und ward aufgehoben zusehends (Tenor)
Nun lieget alles unter dir (Chorus)
Recitative: Und da sie ihm nachsahen (Tenor, Bass, Alto)
Recitative: Ach ha! so kmme bald zuruck (Alto)
Sie aber beteten ihn an (Tenor)
Aria: Jesu, deine Gnadenblicke (Soprano)
Wenn soll es doch geschehen (Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Fra i ciechi orror' notturni (Vitige, Teodata)
Act I Scene 1: Ricordati mio ben (Teodata, Vitige)
Act I Scene 2: Sinfonia
Act I Scene 2: Lotario, al sacro nodo (Ugone, Lotario, Guido, Teodata)
Act I Scene 3: Con l'alma reverente (Emilia, Guido, Ugone, Lotario, Teodata) - Quanto dolci, quanto care (Emilia)
Act I Scene 4: Son pur felice al fine (Guido)
Act I Scene 4: Bel contento gia gode quest'alma (Guido)
Act I Scene 5: O dell'Italo soglio, eccelso nume (Ugone, Flavio, Teodata)
Act I Scene 5: Benche povera donzella (Teodata)
Act I Scene 6: Della mia prole Emilia (Lotario, Flavio, Vitige)
Act I Scene 7: Di qual sovrano e riverito impero (Ugone, Flavio, Lotario) - Se a te vissi fedele (Lotario)
Act I Scene 8: Vitige! (Flavio, Vitige)
Act I Scene 8: Di quel bel che m'innamora (Flavio)
Act I Scene 9: Io vo temendo, O Dio (Vitige)
Act I Scene 9: Che bel contento (Vitige)
Act I Scene 10: Ah! Guido, Guido! (Ugone, Guido)
Act I Scene 11: Amor, Emilia, onore (Guido) - L'armellin vita non cura (Guido)
Act I Scene 12: Guido? Consorte? (Emilia, Guido)
Act I Scene 13: Chi mai l'intende, Oh Dio! (Emilia) - Amante stravagante (Emilia)
Act II Scene 1: Al tuo cenno reale ubbidiente (Teodata, Flavio) - Scene 2: Dove, dove mi celo? (Ugone, Flavio, Teodata)
Act II Scene 3: Ah! Teodata, Teodata! (Ugone, Teodata) - Fato tiranno e crudo (Ugone)
Act II Scene 4: Dunque per le mie nozze (Emilia, Lotario)
Act II Scene 4: S'egli ti chiede affetto (Lotario)
Act II Scene 5: Che mai chiedete, o stelle (Emilia, Guido)
Act II Scene 5: Parto, si; ma non so poi (Emilia)
Act II Scene 6: Privarmi ancora (Guido)
Act II Scene 6: Rompo i lacci, e frango i dardi (Guido)
Part I: Sinfonia
Part I: Accompanied recitative: Comfort ye, my people (Tenor)
Part I: Aria: Every valley shall be exalted (Tenor)
Part I: Chorus: And the glory of the Lord
Part I: Accompanied recitative: Thus saith the Lord of Hosts (Bass)
Part I: Aria: But who may abide the day of His coming (Countertenor)
Part I: Chorus: And He shall purify
Part I: Recitative: Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son (Countertenor)
Part I: Aria and Chorus: O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion (Countertenor)
Part I: Accompanied recitative: For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (Bass)
Part I: Aria: The people that walked in darkness (Bass)
Part I: Chorus: For unto us a Child is born
Part I: Pifa
Part I: Accompanied recitative: There were shepherds abiding in the field (Trebles)
Part I: Chorus: Glory to God in the highest
Part I: Aria: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion (Tenor)
Part I: Recitative: Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened (Countertenor)
Part I: Aria: He shall feed His flock like a shepherd (Countertenor, Treble)
Part I: Chorus: His yoke is easy, His burthen is light
Part II: Chorus: Behold, the Lamb of God
Part II: Aria: He was despised and rejected of men (Countertenor)
Part III: Aria: I know that my redeemer liveth (Treble)
Part III: Chorus: Since by man came death
Part III: Accompanied recitative: Behold, I tell you a mystery (Bass)
Part III: Aria: The trumpet shall sound (Bass)
Part III: Recitative: Then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written (Countertenor)
Part III: Duet: O death, where is thy sting (Countertenor and Tenor)
Part III: Chorus: But thanks be to God
Part III: Aria: If God is for us, who can be against us (Countertenor)
Part III: Chorus: Worthy is the Lamb that was slain
Part III: Chorus: Amen
Sinfonia: I. Allegro
Sinfonia: II. Andante
Sinfonia: III. Minuet
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Questo, o Popoli, e il giorno (Gualtiero)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Eccoti, Sire innanzi (Griselda, Gualtiero)
Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Signor, or' ora al Porto (Ottone, Griselda, Gualtiero)
Act I Scene 3: Aria: Se ria procella (Gualtiero)
Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Ecco il tempo, in cui l'alma (Griselda, Ottone)
Act I Scene 4: Aria: Brami le mie catene (Griselda)
Act I Scene 5: Recitative: Troppo avvezza e Griselda (Ottone)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: Vede orgogliosa l'onda (Ottone)
Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Costanza, eccoti in porto (Roberto, Costanza)
Act I Scene 7: Recitative: L'arcano in te racchiudi (Gualtiero, Corrado, Costanza, Roberto)
Act I Scene 7: Aria: Ritorna a lusingarmi (Costanza)
Act I Scene 8: Recitative: German, s'avevi a tormi (Roberto, Corrado)
Act I Scene 8: Aria: Estinguere vorrei (Roberto)
Act I Scene 9: Recitative: Infelice Roberto ancor non sa (Corrado, Griselda)
Act I Scene 10: Aria: Misera in quante guise (Griselda, Corrado, Ottone)
Act I Scene 11: Recitative: Ferma, t'arresta (Griselda, Corrado)
Act I Scene 11: Aria: Alle minace di fiera belva (Corrado)
Act I Scene 12: Recitative: Infelice Griselda! (Griselda)
Act I Scene 12: Ho il cor gia lacero da mille affani (Griselda)
Act II Scene 13: Recitative: L'impone il re? (Gualtiero, Griselda, Ottone)
Act II Scene 14: Qual grazie posso? (Griselda, Gualtiero, Costanza)
Act II Scene 14: Trio: Non piu regina (Griselda, Costanza, Gualtiero)

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