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I. Proverb I: The pride of the peacock
II. London
III. Proverb II: Prisons are built
IV. The Chimney-Sweeper
V. Proverb III: The bird a nest
VI. A Poison Tree
VII. Proverb IV: Think in the morning
VIII. The Tyger
IX. Proverb V: The tygers of wrath
X. The Fly
XI. Proverb VI: The hours of folly
XII. Ah! Sun-flower!
XIII. Proverb VII: To see a World
XIV. Every Night and Every Morn
No. 1. Loveliest of trees
No. 2. When I was one-and-twenty
No. 3. Look not in my eyes
No. 4. Think no more, lad
No. 5. The lads in their hundreds
No. 6. Is my team ploughing?
No. 7. A brisk young sailor courted me
No. 8. Seventeen come Sunday
No. 9. Roving in the dew
No. 10. The true lover's farewell
No. 11. Tarry trousers
No. 1. Bredon Hill
No. 2. O Fair enough are sky and plain
No. 3. When the lad for the longing sighs
No. 4. On the idle hill of summer
No. 5. With rue my heart is laden
No. 1. Yonder stands a lovely creature
No. 2. A blacksmith courted me
No. 3. Sowing the seeds of love
No. 4. A lawyer he went out one day
No. 5. Come my own one
No. 6. The cuckoo
No. 1. Orpheus with his lute
No. 2. Tears
No. 3. Under the greenwood tree
No. 4. Sleep
No. 5. Spring
No. 1. Summer Schemes
No. 2. Her Song
No. 3. Weathers
I. Youth's Spring-Tribute
II. Penumbra
III. Spleen
II. In Boyhood
III. Spring will not wait
No. 1. Undine
No. 2. Aquarium
No. 3. The Honeysuckle
No. 4. Metronome
No. 5. Paradise
No. 6. Portrait in a Mirror
No. 1. Everything is Now
No. 2. Summer Rain
No. 3. Visitation
No. 4. Summer Night
No. 5. Circle
No. 6. Response
No. 1. Dawn at Sea
No. 2. Sea-Mist
No. 3. Song of the Drowned Man
No. 4. Black Gulls
No. 1. Through the Centuries
No. 2. Holding the Night
No. 3. Separation
No. 4. Drought
No. 5. Spring Rain
No. 6. Invocation to the Queen of Moonlight
No. 7. Our Magic Horse
No. 1. Nocturne
No. 2. Illumination
No. 3. Harvest
No. 1. Let me enjoy the earth
No. 2. In years defaced
No. 3. The Market Girl
No. 4. I look into my glass
No. 5. It never looks like summer here
No. 6. At a Lunar Eclipse
No. 7. Life laughs onwards
No. 1. I say 'I'll seek her side'
No. 2. Oh fair to see
No. 3. As I lay in the early sun
No. 4. Only the wanderer
No. 5. To Joy
No. 6. Harvest
No. 7. Since we loved
No. 1. Summer Schemes
No. 2. When I Set Out for Lyonesse
No. 3. Waiting Both
No. 4. The Phantom
No. 5. So I Have Fared
No. 6. Rollicum-Rorum
No. 7. To Lizbie Browne
No. 8. The Clock of the Years
No. 9. In a Churchyard
No. 10. Proud Songsters
No. 1. To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence
No. 2. On Parent Knees
No. 3. Intrada
No. 4. The Birthnight
No. 5. June on Castle Hill
No. 6. Ode on the Rejection of St Cecilia
The Vagabond
Let Beauty awake
The Roadside Fire
Youth and Love
In Dreams
The Infinite Shining Heavens
Whither must I wander?
Bright is the ring of words
I have trod the upward and the downward slope
Silent Noon
Love's Minstrels
Heart's Haven
Death in Love
Love's Last Gift
Motion and Stillness
Four Nights
The New Ghost
The Water Mill
I need not go
At Middle-Field Gate in February
Two Lips
In five-score Summers (Meditation)
For Life I had never cared greatly
I said to Love
Come away, come away, death
Who is Silvia?
Fear no more the heat o' the sun
O Mistress Mine
It was a lover and his lass
Childhood among the Ferns
Before and after Summer
The Self-unseeing
Overlooking the River
Channel Firing
In the mind's eye
The Too Short Time
He abjures Love

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