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II. Allegretto -
III. Andantino -
VI. Allegro brillante
No. 1 in G major
No. 2 in B flat major
No. 3 in G major
No. 4 in C major - Trio
No. 5 in A major
No. 6 in D major
No. 7 in G major
No. 8 in D major
No. 9 in B flat major
No. 10 in C major
No. 11 in F major
No. 12 in D major
No. 8. Tempo I
No. 1. Im Landler Tempo
No. 9. -
I. Prelude
II. Scherzo
III. Nocturne
IV. Fugue -
V. Postlude
Main Title -
Anna's Theme -
Death of Anna -
Coitus Musicales -
Journey to China -
Shanghai -
Pope's Betrayal -
Victoria's Departure -
The Auction -
Gypsy Cadenza -
Anna's Theme
I. Jocul cu bata (Stick dance) -
II. Braul (Sash dance) -
III. Pe loc (In one spot) -
IV. Buciumeana (Horn dance) -
V. Poarga romaneasca (Romanian polka) -
VI. Maruntel (Fast dance): L'istesso tempo -
Allegro vivace
No. 1. Im Landler Tempo
No. 2. Piu agitato
No. 3. Tempo I
No. 4. -
No. 5. -
No. 6. Grazioso - Poco piu lento - Tempo I
No. 7. Piu lento
No. 8. Tempo I
No. 9. -
No. 10. -
No. 11. Piu animato
No. 12. -
No. 13. Tempo I
No. 14. -
No. 15. -
No. 16. Animato
No. 17. Piu lento
No. 18. Animato
I. Andante
II. Allegretto
III. Largo
IV. Allegretto - Allegro - Largo
Slowly and expressively -
Cadenza (freely) -
Rather fast
No. 1. Gospel Train - Old Time Religion: Briskly
No. 2. Were You There? - Steal Away: Slowly
No. 3. All God's Children Got Wings: Fast
No. 4. Little David Play on Your Harp: Freely, out of tempo, rhapsodic
No. 5. Calvary - He Never Said a Mumblin' Word: Slowly, moving, funereal
No. 6. Ezekiel Saw de Wheel: Brisk and spirited
I. Molto agitato ed energico
II. Larghissimo
III. Presto
No. 1. The lament for the dead child
No. 2. The thoughtful mother and aunt
No. 3. Lullaby
No. 4. Before a long parting
No. 5. A warning
No. 6. The abandoned father
No. 7. The song of misery
No. 8. Winter
No. 9. A good life
No. 10. The young girl's song
No. 11. Happiness
Moto perpetuo
Funeral March
Fugue and Finale
Lento -
Allegretto, andante molto -
Animato -
Tranquillo -
Allegro con moto -
Largamente -
Appassionato -
Alla valse moderato -
Allegro marcia -
Lento -
L'istesso tempo
I. Boisterous bouree
I. Boisterous bouree
II. Playful Pizzicato
II. Playful Pizzicato
III. Sentimental Sarabande
III. Sentimental Sarabande
IV. Frolicsome Finale
IV. Frolicsome Finale
I. Allegro
II. Andantino
III. Prestissimo
IV. Allegro assai mosso
I. Preludio: Andante -
II. Toccata: Allegro -
III. Recitativo: Lento -
IV. Cadenza -
V. Rondo: Agitato -
VI. Postludio: Andante
I. Ludus: Con moto
II. Silentium: Senza moto
I. Moderato
II. Tempo di valse
III. Scherzo: Vivace
IV. Larghetto
V. Finale: Allegro vivace
No. 1 in A major: Moderato
No. 2 in D flat major: Allegro vivace
I. Allegro moderato
II. Scherzo: Allegro
III. Notturno: Andante
IV. Finale: Andante - Vivace
Allegro -
Adagio non troppo - Allegro -
Tempo di valse -
Poco meno moss
Allegro commodo -
Adagio - Piu mosso allegro -
Allegro marciale -
I. Allegro moderato
II. Theme: Andantino tranquillo -
II. Variation 1 -
II. Variation 2 [chromatica]: Andantino -
II. Variation 3 [eroica]: Allegro moderato -
II. Variation 4 [lyrica]: Adagio -
II. Variation 5 [Intermezzo]: Allegro -
II. Variation 6 [quasi una fantasia]: Lento -
II. Variation 7 [Mazurka]: Allegretto -
II. Variation 8 [Scherzando]: Allegro ma non troppo -
II. Variation 9 [Finale]: Allegro moderato
I. Variazioni per i solisti
II. Scherzo fantastico: Presto
III. Adagio angoscioso
IV. Finale furioso
No. 1. Calle de la botica -
No. 2. L'Espingueri -
No. 3. Si la nieve resbala -
No. 4. La alegria -
No. 5. Amante, amante -
No. 6. Dansa -
No. 7. Charro va -
No. 8. Arada: Libero -
No. 9. Alsa Bayona -
No. 10. La ronda -
No. 11. Muneiras -
No. 12. Nana -
No. 13. Palomita -
No. 14. Charrada -
No. 15. Cantiga
I. Prelude: Vagaroso e mistico -
II. Fugue: Poco apressado
I. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion
II. Hens and Cockerels
III. Wild Asses
IV. Tortoises
V. The Elephant
VI. Kangaroos
VII. Aquarium
VIII. People with Long Ears
IX. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods
X. Aviary
XI. Pianists
XII. Fossils
XIII. The Swan
XIV. Finale
I. Allegro
II. Minuetto: Maestoso - Trio
III. Adagio cantabile
IV. Presto
I. Introduction
II. Dance
III. Intermezzo No. 1
IV. Changing of the Guard
V. Carmen's Entrance and Habanera
VI. Scene
VII. Intermezzo No. 2
VIII. Bolero
IX. Torero
X. Torero and Carmen
XI. Adagio
XII. Fortune Telling
XIII. Finale
Scene 1: Introduction: Adagio
Scene 1: Vsye govoryat: nyet pravdi na zyemle (Salieri)
Scene 1: O Mozart, Mozart! (Salieri, Mozart)
Scene 1: Iz Mozarta nam chtonibud! (Mozart, Salieri)
Scene 1: Pryedstav sebye ... kovo bui? (Mozart)
Scene 1: Tui s ietim shel ko mnye (Salieri, Mozart)
Scene 1: Nyet, nye mogu protivitsya ya dole dudbye moyei (Salieri)
Scene 1: Intermezzo: Fughetta: Allegro
Scene 2: Chto tui syevodnya pasmuryen? (Salieri, Mozart)
Scene 2: Nyedyeli tri tomu, prishelya pozdno domoi (Mozart, Salieri)
Scene 2: Mozart's Requiem: Adagio
Scene 2: Tui plachesh? (Mozart, Salieri)
Scene 2: Togda b nye mog i mir sushchestvovat (Mozart)
Scene 2: Tui zasnyosh (Salieri)
No. 1. Morning Prayer (Priere du matin)
No. 2. Winter Morning (Le matin en hiver)
No. 4. Hobbyhorse (Le petit cavalier)
No. 3. Mamma (Maman)
No. 5. The Toy Soldiers' March (Marche des soldats de bois)
No. 7. Dolly Is Ill (La poupee malade)
No. 8. Dolly's Funeral (Enterrement de la poupee)
No. 6. My New Dolly (La nouvelle poupee)
No. 16. Old French Song (Melodie antique francaise)
No. 17. German Song (Chanson allemande)
No. 15. Italian Song (Chanson italienne)
No. 18. Neapolitan Song (Chanson napolitaine)
No. 11. Mazurka
No. 9. Waltz (Valse)
No. 10. Polka
No. 12. Russian Song (Chanson russe)
No. 13. Peasant Prelude (Le paysan prelude)
No. 14. Popular Song (Kamarinskaya, Chanson populaire)
No. 21. Sweet Dreams (Douce reverie)
No. 19. A Nursery Tale (Conte de la vieille bonne)
No. 20. The Witch Baba Yaga (La sorciere)
No. 22. The Lark (Chant de L'alouette)
No. 24. The Organ-Grinder's Song (L'orgue de barbarie)
No. 23. At Church (A L'eglise)
I. Allegro
II. Menuetto - Trio
III. Finale: Allegro
No. 1. Plach ob umershem mladentse (The Lament for the Dead Child)
No. 2. Zabotlivye mama i tyotya (The Thoughtful Mother and Aunt)
No. 3. Kolybal'naya (Lullaby)
No. 4. Pered dolgoy razlukoy (Before a Long Parting)
No. 5. Predosterezheniye (A Warning)
No. 6. Broshenniy otets (The Abandoned Father)
No. 7. Pesnya o nuzhde (The Song of Misery)
No. 8. Zima (Winter)
No. 9. Khoroshaya zhisn' (A Good Life)
No. 10. Pesnya devushki (The Young Girl's Song)
No. 11. Schastye (Happiness)
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Allegro
I. Andante di molto
II. Rondeau: Allegro assai
I. Allegro moderato
II. Lento
III. Moderato
IV. Allegro con brio
I. Largo
II. Allegro molto
III. Allegretto
IV. Largo
V. Largo

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