Hermann Goetz


Born: December 7, 1840   Died: December 3, 1876   Country: Germany   Period: Romantic
Hermann Goetz studied piano with Kohler and then entered the University of Konigsberg to study mathematics and physics. He demonstrated a great cognizance and understanding of Classicl opera, particularly Mozart's. Next Goetz attended the Conservatory in Berlin where he studied with Bulow and Ulrich. After the debut of his Piano Concerto in Eb (1862) Reinecke commended him for the position of organist and choirmaster at Winterthur where he Read more quickly distinguished himself as a pianist. Actively pursuing his musical interests, Goetz conducted oratorios and occasional operas. Ill of health Goetz composed his Symphony in F, [which greatly impressed George Bernard Shaw (ed.)]. A passionate work, filled with pathos perhaps indicating that he was aware of his incurable illness. He went to Zurich for a better paid piano teaching position in 1869 yet remained an organist on weekends in Winterthur until 1872 when Goetz's health completely subsided. Comic opera, clearly unlike Wagner, was a strength of some of Goetz's compositions. "Der Widerspenstigen Zahmung" was highly accepted and illustrates Goetz's Wagnerian independence with the use of cadencial gestures and melodic stylings reminiscent of Mozart. [The conductor Felix Weingartner found it "incomprehensible that his delightful opera comique, Der Widerspanstigen Zähmung, should have entirely disappeared from the repertoire." (ed.)] "Francesca von Rimini" was an unfinished opera but as with his completed works and his orchestral music, reveal poetic, energetic, sensitive, and refined music. Read less

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