Hermann Bäumer

Nokturno - Glazunov, Liadov, Et Al / Bäumer, Brass Partout
Release Date: 04/22/2003   Label: Bis  
Catalog: 1274   Number of Discs: 1
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Leifs: Vikingasvar, Etc / Bäumer, Gunnarsdóttir, Bjarnason
Release Date: 06/28/2005   Label: Bis  
Catalog: 1080   Number of Discs: 1
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Black Castles - British Music For Brass / Bäumer, Brass Partout
Release Date: 05/29/2007   Label: Bis  
Catalog: 1354   Number of Discs: 1
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Leifs: The Creation Of The World / Bäumer, Gudbjörnsson
Release Date: 11/27/2007   Label: Bis  
Catalog: 1350   Number of Discs: 1
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I. Adagio ma non troppo
II. Recitative: Allegro moderato
III. Finale: Allegro molto
I. Introduction: Grave - Adagio cantabile
I. Adagio cantabile
II. Allegro - Adagio
III. Adagio - Andante sostenuto
IV. Finale: Allegro guerriero
I. Allegro moderato
II. Larghetto
III. Scherzo
IV. Finale: Allegro moderato assai
I. Allegro ma non troppo
II. Molto adagio
III. Molto vivace
IV. Allegro con brio
Introduction - Dramatic Overture
Act I: Aria: Arretez, chretiens ! Arretez! (Pierre the Hermit, Chorus, Luddorf, Moldaw)
Act I : Recitative: Quel est ce bruit? (Moldaw, Luddorf, Chorus of Soldiers)
Act I: Duet: Nos ennemis vaincus ont fui loin de ces lieux! (Rodolphe, Pierre the Hermit)
Act I: Duet: Rodolphe! (Agnes, Rodolphe)
Act I: Finale: Que vois-je? (Luddorf, Agnes, Rodolphe, Pierre the Hermit, Moldaw, Chorus)
Act II: Assez rire et boire (Chorus, Arthur)
Act II: Veilleur je te benis! (Arthur) - Couplets: L'espoir et l'amour dans l'ame (Arthur, Chorus)
Act II: On approche ... c'est lui! ... (Rodolphe, Arthur)
Act II: Aria: Voici l'heure! (Rodolphe, The Nun, Chorus)
Act II: Fantastic Interlude - Ugh! Ugh! (Chorus)
Act II: Prodige qui confond ma raison et mes yeux (Rodolphe, Chorus of the Dead, The Nun)
Act III: Duet: Valsez sous l'ombrage (Chorus, Anna, Fritz)
Act III: On m'a dit qu'en ces lieux je trouverais mon maitre? (Arthur, Fritz, Anna)
Act III: Couplets: Un page de ma sorte (Arthur, Fritz, Rodolphe)
Act III: Recitative and Duet: Au milieu de l'orage (Rodolphe, Arthur)
Act III: Du vain delire ou votre ame s'agite (Arthur)
Act III: Reprenez courage! (Arthur, Rodolphe)
Act III: Cavatina: Un jour plus pur (Rodolphe)
Act III: Duo: Me voici, moi ton supplice! (The Nun, Rodolphe, Arthur)
Act IV: Couplets: Bons chevaliers, vaillants hommes d'armes (Luddorf, Moldaw, Chorus)
Act IV: Nuptial March
Act IV: Waltz - Pas de trois - Bohemian Dance
Act IV: Finale: Oublions tous les discordes passees! (Pierre the Hermit, Luddorf, Rodolphe, The Nun, Agnes, Arthur, Anna, Fritz, Moldaw, Chorus)
Act V: Aria: Mon fils me fuit en vain ... ah! (Luddorf)
Act V: Amis, avançons en silence ... (Norbert, Chorus, Luddorf, Arnold)
Act V: Duet: Frapper mon fils! (Luddorf, Agnes, Rodolphe, Chorus)
Act V: Finale: O disgrace cruelle! (Rodolphe, Chorus, Agnes, Luddorf, Moldaw, Pierre the Hermit, The Nun)
I. Introduction: Worcester Castle
II. Toccata: Tournament
III. Fugue: The Cathedral
IV. Minuet: Commandery
V. Coda
I. Maestoso
II. Vivace
III. Lament: Adagio
IV. Scherzo: Allegretto
I. Fanfare
II. The Landing at Torbay and the Journey to London
III. The King's Champion
IV. The Death of Mary
V. Achievement
I. Moderato, maestoso, ma animato
II. Andante
III. Allegro spirituoso
IV. Adagio
V. Larghetto
VI. Allegro furioso
VII. Andante
I. Adagio ma non tanto
II. Scherzo. Allegro vivace
III. Andante cantabile
IV. Allegro con spirito
I. Nokturno, Andante tranquillo
II. Barkarole. In ruhiger Bewegung
I. Moderato
II. Agitato
III. Moderato
IV. Lento
V. Poco agitato
VI. Agitato
I. - - (attacca) -
II. L´istesso tempo - (attacca) -
III. Grave
IV. [Cadenza I]) - (attacca) -
V. [Finale]
I. Allegro - (attacca) -
II. Andante - (attacca) -
III. Allegro con brio
I. Patorale: Allant
II. Romance: Souple
III. Gigue: Anime
I. Andante - (attacca) -
II. Andante moderato - (attacca) -
III. Alla marcia - (attacca) -
IV. Moderato - (attacca) -
V. Andante misterioso - (attacca) -
IV. Allegretto

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