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Part I: Prelude
Part I: To living ... Let's drink (Bandits)
Part I: My friends, I'm very grateful (Ernani)
Part I: Just as the gentle rain from Heav'n (Ernani)
Part I: We must save her ... (Ernani, Bandits)
Part I: In our exile, in our sorrow - Elvira I adore you (Ernani)
Part I: Darkness has fallen, and Silva's not returned yet! (Elvira)
Part I: Ernani! Ernani, rescue me (Elvira)
Part I: All Spanish girls will envy you (Ladies-in-waiting)
Part I: How sweet of you to share with me (Elvira)
Part I: I despise all that I'm offered (Elvira, Ladies-in-waiting)
Part I: I wish to see her directly (Carlo, Giovanna, Elvira)
Part I: Since the day when first I saw you (Carlo, Elvira)
Part I: Do not argue ... You'll be mine ... (Carlo, Elvira, Ernani)
Part I: You're Ernani! At once I despise you (Carlo, Ernani, Elvira)
Part I: How could this happen? (Silva)
Part I: I've been cheated, for I believed her (Silva)
Part I: My name has been dishonoured (Silva)
Part I: As long as I can hold a sword (Silva, Knights)
Part I: Outside, now! (Silva, Ernani, Carlo, Jago, Riccardo)
Part I: Look at how that good old soldier (Carlo, Riccardo, Silva, Jago, Giovanna, Chorus, Ernani, Elvira)
Part I: Ah! Forgive me sire, I beg you (Silva, Carlo, Elvira, Ernani, Riccardo, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Chorus)
Part II: Let's enjoy this, and give in to pleasure (Silva's courtiers)
Part II: Jago, admit the pilgrim here directly (Silva, Ernani, Elvira)
Part II: More gold than you could desire is yours (Ernani, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Within this fortress every guest (Silva)
Part II: Such treachery! (Ernani, Elvira)
Part II: You've betrayed me (Silva, Jago, Ernani)
Part II: No, my vengeance won't be hurried (Silva, Elvira, Ernani)
Part II: Dear Cousin, why so defensive? (Carlo, Silva)
Part II: We'll discover, reckless gambler (Carlo, Silva)
Part II: We've gone all over the fortress (Cavaliers, Carlo, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Come with me and let me spoil you (Carlo, Riccardo, Cavaliers, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Even if Heaven watches over you (Silva, Ernani, Silva's men)
Part II: Bring your horses and fetch all your weapons (Ernani, Silva, Silva's men)
Part III: You're sure they'll meet here? (Carlo, Riccardo)
Part III: Great Heavens! (Carlo)
Part III: When I was young and trusting (Carlo)
Part III: Ad Augusta! (Conspirators, Ernani, Silva, Jago)
Part III: We're brothers! - Let the Lion of Castile awaken (All)
Part III: What is happening? (Conspirators, Carlo, Riccardo, Ernani, Elvira)
Part III: Charlemagne inspire me (Carlo, Silva)
Part IV: How happy together are both wife and husband (Guests)
Part IV: Now all is quiet (Ernani, Elvira, Silva)
Part IV: I've suffered, alone in misery (Ernani, Silva, Elvira)
Part IV: Elvira! Elvira! (Ernani, Elvira)
Part I Scene 1: The Duel ? Introductory Chorus and Aria: Wake up, there, wake up, there! (Ferrando, Servants, Soldiers)
Part I Scene 1: Cavatina: Narrative: Heav'n had giv'n my old master (Ferrando, Soldiers, Servants, Chorus)
Part I Scene 2: Recitative and Aria: Come, wait no longer (Inez, Leonora)
Part I Scene 2: Cavatina: The stars shone in the heav'ns above (Leonora, Inez)
Part I Scene 2: Cabaletta: No words can tell the measure (Leonora, Inez)
Part I Scene 2: Recitative: How still the night is (Count di Luna)
Part I Scene 2: Romance: The Troubadour! The madman! - Though naught on earth is left me (Count di Luna, Manrico, Leonora)
Part I Scene 2: Trio: Who's speaking? (Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico)
Part I Scene 2: Jealous fury and slighted passion (Count di Luna, Leonora, Manrico)
Part II Scene 1: Chorus of Gipsies: See how the shadowy clouds are flying (Chorus)
Part II Scene 1: Canzone: Fierce flames are raging (Azucena, Gipsies, Manrico, Chorus)
Part II Scene 1: Narrative: They brought her, fettered and pow'rless (Azucena, Manrico)
Part II Scene 1: Duet: As we struggled he stumbled before me (Manrico, Azucena, Messenger)
Part II Scene 1: You are still too weak to venture (Azucena, Manrico)
Part II Scene 2: Recitative: All is deserted (Count di Luna, Ferrando)
Part II Scene 2: Aria: In the stars that shine above me (Count di Luna, Ferrando)
Part II Scene 2: The hour has come, no more delay (Ferrando, Chorus of Retainers, Retainers, Count di Luna)
Part II Scene 2: Here in this world of sorrow (Nuns, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Retainers, Leonora, Inez)
Part II Scene 2: Oh, can it be, can I believe (Leonora, Count di Luna, Manrico, Inez, Ferrando, Chorus of Nuns, Retainers, Ruiz, Followers)
Act I Scene 1: Prelude
Act I Scene 1: Chorus: After long and heavy labour (Giannetta, Harvesters)
Act I Scene 1: Cavatina: How delightful, how enchanting! (Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters)
Act I Scene 1: Cavatina: That's a really happy ending (Adina, Giannetta, Harvesters, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 1: Cavatina: Lovely was Queen Isolda (Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters)
Act I Scene 2: March
Act I Scene 2: Cavatina: To the one who shines in beauty (Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Harvesters, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 2: Cavatina: If you love me as I love you (Belcore, Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Harvesters)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Too soon, my lovely creature (Belcore, Adina)
Act I Scene 3: Scene and Duet: The same old tedious passion! (Adina, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 3: Scene and Duet: For example, ask the breezes (Adina, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 3: Scene and Duet: Such affection is but folly (Adina, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 4: Chorus: What's the meaning of that kind of fanfare (Villagers)
Act I Scene 5: Cavatina: Attention! Attention! (Dulcamara, Villagers)
Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Have courage! (Nemorino, Dulcamara)
Act I Scene 6: Scene and Duet: It was Tristan who employed it (Nemorino, Dulcamara)
Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Magical potion! I have you! (Nemorino)
Act I Scene 8: Duet: Who is that madman? (Adina, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 8: Duet: Trallarallara (Nemorino, Adina)
Act I Scene 8: Duet: Oh, let her laugh and mock at me (Nemorino, Adina)
Act I Scene 9: Trio: Tran, tran, tran, tran (Belcore, Adina, Nemorino)
Act I Scene 9: Trio: Ha, ha! Of course, that's quite all right (Nemorino, Belcore, Adina)
Act I Scene 10: One moment, sergeant! (Giannetta, Belcore, Soldiers, Villagers, Nemorino, Adina)
Act I Scene 10: Adina, think again (Nemorino, Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Villagers, Soldiers )
Act I Scene 10: Today's our wedding (Adina, Nemorino, Giannetta, Belcore, Villagers, Soldiers)

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