Harry L. Alford


Born: circa 1879   Died: March 4, 1939   Country: USA   Period: 19th/20th Centuries
Harry L. Alford (circa 1879 – March 4, 1939) was an American arranger and composer of dance band, concert orchestra pieces and band marches. An arranger as well as composer, Alford created a music arranging company in Chicago at a time when arranging as a full-time career was unknown. He employed copyists and arrangers who worked in sound proof studios, composing and arranging various popular pieces. Alford's company was somewhat contemporaneous Read more to Tin Pan Alley though he specialized in marches and novel concert pieces, and his company also foreshadows the later rock and roll and pop music production teams in New York's Brill Building. Alford’s best known pieces were commissioned by bands. Albert Austin Harding, leader of the University of Illinois Band, commissioned Alford for marching music heard at some of the earliest football halftime shows. Read less