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Swedish Vocal Music

Release Date: 07/18/1995 
Label:  Bis   Catalog #: 38   Spars Code: AAD 
Composer:  Hilding HallnäsLars Johan WerleIngvar LidholmHilding Rosenberg,   ... 
Performer:  Märta SchéleElisef LundenRolf LeandersonHelene Leanderson,   ... 
Number of Discs: 1 
Recorded in: Stereo 
Length: 1 Hours 11 Mins. 

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Works on This Recording

1. Songs (3) by Hilding Hallnäs
Performer:  Märta Schéle (Soprano), Elisef Lunden (Piano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: Sweden 
2. Night hunt by Lars Johan Werle
Performer:  Elisef Lunden (Piano), Märta Schéle (Soprano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1973; Sweden 
3. Songs (6) by Ingvar Lidholm
Performer:  Märta Schéle (Soprano), Elisef Lunden (Piano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1946-1948; Sweden 
4. Chinese Songs (14) by Hilding Rosenberg
Performer:  Rolf Leanderson (Baritone), Helene Leanderson (Piano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1945-1951; Sweden 
5. Songs (4) of Trusting, Op. 3 by Hans Gefors
Performer:  Birgit Finnilä (Alto), Märta Schéle (Soprano), Rolf Leanderson (Baritone),
Elisef Lunden (Piano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: Sweden 
6. Songs by the Sea by Gösta Nyström
Performer:  Geoffrey Parsons (Piano), Birgit Finnilä (Alto)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1942; Sweden 
7. Songs (3) by Gösta Nyström
Performer:  Märta Schéle (Soprano), Elisef Lunden (Piano)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: Sweden 

Sound Samples

Sanger vid havet (Songs by the Sea): I. Ute i skaren (Among the Rocks) (Text: Ebba Lindqvist)
Sanger vid havet (Songs by the Sea): II. Nocturne (Text: Edith Sodergran)
Sanger vid havet (Songs by the Sea): III. Havets visa (Sea Song) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
Sanger vid havet (Songs by the Sea): IV. Jag har ett hem vid havet (I Have a Home on the Sea-side) (Text: Ragnar Jandel)
Sanger vid havet (Songs by the Sea): V. Jag vantar manen (I am Awaiting the Moon) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
3 Sanger (3 Songs): I. Undinen (Ondine) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
3 Sanger (3 Songs): II. Ser du (Do You See) (Text: Nils Ferlin)
3 Sanger (3 Songs): III. Saliga vantan (Blessed Awaiting) (Text: Per Lagerkvist)
Nattjakt (Night Hunt)
6 Songs: I. For vilsna fotter (For Straying Feet) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
6 Songs: II. Vid medelhavet (By the Mediterranean) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
6 Songs: III. Den sista kvallen (The Final Evening) (Text: Hjalmar Gullberg)
6 Songs: IV. Saga (Story) (Text: Erik Harninge)
6 Songs: V. Jungfrulin (Virgin Flax) (Text: Erik Harninge)
6 Songs: VI. Madonnas vaggvisa (Madonna's Lullaby) (Text: Lope de Vega /K.A. Hagberg)
Pa reveln (On the Spit): I. Pa reveln (On the Reef) (Text: Anders Osterling)
Pa reveln (On the Spit): II. Otrolig dag (Incredible Day) (Text: Einar Malm)
Pa reveln (On the Spit): III. Havet sjunger (The Sea Sings) (Text: Ebba Lindqvist)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): I. Varsang (A Spring Song)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): II. I bambusnaret (In a Retreat Among Bamboos)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): III. Sno pa floden (River-snow)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): IV. Pa vag over Han-floden (Crossing the Han River)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): V. Poem (A Poem)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): VI. Lyssnande till nattlig flojt fran Shouhsiang-muren (On Hearing a Flute at Night from the Wall of Shou-hsiang)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): VII. Fullmanen (Looking at the Full Moon and Thinking of One Far Away)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): VIII. En suck fran en trappa av jade (A Sigh from a Staircase of Jade)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): IX. En hovdikt (A Palace Poem)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): X. Granslos langtan (Endless Yearning)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): XI. Pa besok hos en van i hans lantgard (Stopping at a Friend´s Farm-house)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): XII. Granssanger (Border-songs)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): XIII. Sang fran palatset (A Song from the Palace)
14 Kinesiska sanger (14 Chinese Songs): XIV. En varmorgon (A Spring Morning)
Sanger om fortrostan (Songs about Confidence): I. Om fortrostan (On Trusting)
Sanger om fortrostan (Songs about Confidence): II. Moln (Clouds)
Sanger om fortrostan (Songs about Confidence): III. Host (Autumn)
Sanger om fortrostan (Songs about Confidence): IV. Vilket frammande spel (What a Strange Game)

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