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Recitative: From harmony, from heav'nly harmony
Chorus: From harmony
Air: What passion cannot Music raise
Air and Chorus: The trumpet's loud clangour
Air: The soft complaining flute
Air: Sharp violins proclaim
Air: But oh! what art can teach
Air: Orpheus could lead the savage race
Recitative: But bright Cecilia
Air and chorus: As from the powers of sacred lays
Recitative: Ah, che troppo ineguali
Aria: O del Ciel Maria Regina
Aria: Tra le fiamme
Recitative: Dedalo gia le fortunate penne
Aria: Pien di nuovo e bel diletto
Recitative: Si, si, pur troppo e vero
Aria: Voli per l'aria
Recitative: L'uomo che nacque per salire
Aria: Tra le fiamme
Act I Scene 1: Arioso: Helft, o Gotter! (Polissena)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: O furstin, verzeih die Storung (Tigrane, Polissena)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Hor meine Worte an (Tigrane)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Ja! Heute muss Radamisto fallen (Tigrane, Polissena)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Du heissest mich gehen! (Polissena)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Lasst du mich holen, Eidam (Farasmane, Tiridate)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Ja, ich werde triumphieren (Tiridate)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Du darfst mir jetzt nicht folgen! (Radamisto, Zenobia)
Act I Scene 2: Aria: Lass die Hoffnung nicht entschwinden (Radamisto)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Soldaten hort: diese Stadt muss fallen (Tigrane, Zenobia, Radamisto, Farasmane)
Act I Scene 2: Aria: Ja, es muss, es muss geschehen (Zenoiba)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Wo bist du, mein Sohn? (Farasmane, Radamisto, Tigrane)
Act I Scene 2: Sinfonia
Act I Scene 3: Sieg! Der Feind geschlagen! (Tiridate, Tigrane, Polissena)
Act I Scene 3: Aria: Stille der Tranen Lauf! (Tigrane)
Act II Scene 5: Recitative: Komm, setz dich! (Tiridate, Zenobia, Tigrane, Radamisto)
Act II Scene 5: Aria: Wag's nicht, du bist mir so verhasst! (Zenoiba)
Act II Scene 5: Recitative: Hor zu, merk auf (Tiridate)
Act II Scene 5: Recitative: O Gotter, gebt mir Kraft (Zenobia, Radamisto)
Act II Scene 5: Duet: wir sind vereint aufs neu (Zenobia, Radamisto)
Part I: Overture
Part I: Recitative: Twas at the Royal Feast (Tenor)
Part I: Aria: Happy, Happy, Happy Pair (Tenor)
Part I: Recitative: Timotheus plac'd on high (Tenor)
Part I: The song began from Jove (Soprano)
Part I: The list'ning Crowd (Chorus)
Part I: Aria: With ravish'd ears (Soprano)
Part I: Recitative: The praise of Bacchus (Tenor)
Part I: Aria and Chorus: Bacchus, ever fair and young (Bass and Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Sooth'd with the sound (Tenor)
Part I: He chose a mournful Muse (Soprano)
Part I: Aria: He sung Darius Great and Good (Soprano)
Part I: With downcast Looks (Soprano)
Part I: Behold Darius, great and good (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: The mighty master smil'd to see (Tenor)
Part I: Softly sweet (Soprano)
Part I: Aria: War, he sung, is toil and trouble (Soprano)
Part I: The many rend the skies (Chorus)
Part I: Aria: The Prince, unable to conceal (Soprano)
Part II: Now strike the Golden Lyre (Tenor, Chorus)
Part II: Aria: Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries (Bass)
Part II: Give the Vengeance due (Tenor)
Part II: Aria: The Princes applaud with a furious Joy (Tenor)
Part II: Aria and Chorus: Thais led the way (Soprano, Chorus)
Part II: Thus long ago (Tenor)
Part II: Let old Timotheus yield the Prize (Tenor, Bass)
Part II: Let old Timotheus yield the Prize (Chorus, Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano)
Act I: Recitative: Tirinto! - Argenio! (Argenio, Tirinto)
Act I: Arioso: Ach, Rosmene, wie soll ich dich finden (Tirinto)
Act I: Recitative: Hoffnung bleibt (Argenio, Imeneo, Tirinto, Clomiri, Rosmene)
Act I: Aria: Ich will dir Freundin sein (Rosmene)
Act I: Recitative: Rosmene, ich glaube sicher (Imeneo)
Act I: Trio: Oh, schonste aller Frauen (Imeneo, Rosmene, Tirinto)
Act I: Recitative: Auch Clomiri gefallt mir (Imeneo)
Act I: Aria: Wahlt der Sperber soch die Taube (Imeneo)
Act II: Recitative: Hier hast du dich verborgen! (Argenio, Rosmene)
Act II: Aria: Willst du Gunst ihm erweisen (Argenio)
Act II: Recitative: Nein, nicht dieses entscheidet (Rosmene, Clomiri)
Act II: Aria: Lies mir im Herzen (Clomiri)
Act II: Recitative: Tirinto, eben noch war hier bei mir Rosmene (Clomiri, Tirinto)
Act II: Aria: Soll ich mich narren lassen (Tirinto)
Act II: Recitative: Imeneo, alle klagen (Clomiri, Tirinto)
Act II: Aria: Will dir verraten (Clomiri)
Act II: Recitative: Sagt mir mein Schicksal (Tirinto, Imeneo, Rosmene)
Act II: Aria: Ihr wollt es erzwingen (Rosmene)
Act II: Recitative: Wo ist ein Ausweg (Rosmene)
Act II: Duet: Soll unser Lieben (Tirinto, Imeneo)
Act II: Recitative: Sich toten? (Rosmene, Tirinto, Imeneo, Argenio, Clomiri)
Act II: Accompagnato: Oh Finsternis! (Rosmene)
Act II: Recitative: Engelsbild! Ach Geliebte! (Imeneo, Tirinto, Clomiri, Argenio, Rosmene)
Act II: Arioso: Du, vom Himmel mir gegeben (Rosmene)
Act II: Recitative: Es bestimmte ein Gott (Rosmene, Argenio, Clomiri, Imeneo, Tirinto)
Act II: So erweist sich Amors Macht (Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: Bin immer nun die Deine (Rosmene, Imeneo, Tirinto)
Act II: Duet: Auf besanftigt milden Fluten (Rosmene, Imeneo)
Act II: Hei, Maskenfest und Frohlichkeit (Chorus)

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