Gustavo Santaolalla


Born: 1952; Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Well-known Argentinean musician and producer who settled in the U.S. Santaolalla's music career was consolidated while taking part in a 1970's folk-rock act called Arco Iris. In 1982, Gustavo Santaolalla recorded his first solo album along with keyboardist Alejandro Lerner, bassist Alfredo Toth, and drummer Willy Iturri. After living in Los Angeles, Santaolalla went back to Argentina to produce Leon Gieco's De Ushuaia a la Quiaca and also to work Read more on the GIT second record. In 1995, Santaolalla released his second album, called Gas, getting the smash hit "Todo Vale" frequently rotated by MTV Latino. Read less

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