Born: 1330; France   Died: 1380; France  
The composer known only as Guido by virtue of three pieces included in the Chantilly Codex is most likely a cleric by the name of Guido de Lange. Guido first turns up in a 1363 document identifying himself as a rector in diocese of Rouen, and other documents identify Guido with Archbishop Guillaime de la Jugée, who died in 1376 and whose tomb still stands in the cathedral of Narbonne. However, by this time, Guido is already identified as a cantor Read more in the papal chapel at Avignon. It is possible that Guido was among the older composers who contributed to the pieces in the Chantilly manuscript, the text of his Rondeaux Dieux gart qui bien chantera pokes fun at the unconventional styles of music employed at the Avignon court. Guido is not heard of again after the 1370s, and in 1378 the great schism began between Pope and Anti-Pope. Guido de Lange is not confused with Guido frater, a fourteenth century theorist who nonetheless belongs to an earlier era. Read less

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