Gregorio Allegri

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Born: 1582   Died: February 7, 1652; Rome, Italy  
Born in 1582, Gregorio Allegri, an Italian priest, singer, and composer in the tradition of the stile antico, is primarily known for his Miserere, a nine-part setting of Psalm 51. He spent much of his life working in Roman churches, joining the papal choir in 1629 and eventually becoming its choirmaster. According to a legend, Mozart wrote out the full score of this work after hearing it only once, thus effectively circumnavigating the rule that Read more prohibited anyone from removing any parts of the score from the Sistine Chapel, where it was guarded. During the Romantic period, when composers and literary figures embraced the ideals of the stile antico, Allegri's Miserere was much admired. Allegri's other works include motets and instrumental concertini. He died in 1652. Read less