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American Masters For The 21st Century /Society For New Music

Society For New Music
Release Date: 12/07/2004 
Label:  Innova   Catalog #: 616   Spars Code: n/a 
Composer:  Steven Edward StuckyBrian IsraelElizabeth AlexanderRobert Keefe,   ... 
Performer:  George MaceroNeva PilgrimBrian IsraelJames Krehbiel,   ... 
Conductor:  Calvin CusterMark ScatterdayGrant CooperEdward Murray,   ... 
Number of Discs: 5 
Recorded in: Stereo 
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Works on This Recording

Sappho Fragments by Steven Edward Stucky
Performer:  George Macero (Cello), Neva Pilgrim (), Brian Israel (Piano),
James Krehbiel (Violin), John Oberbrunner (Flute), Laurance Luttinger (Percussion),
Barbara Rabin (Clarinet)
Conductor:  Calvin Custer
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1982; USA 
Length: 12 Minutes 44 Secs. 
String Quartet No. 2 ("Music for the Next to Die") by Brian Israel
Performer:  Marywynn Kuwashima (Viola), George Macero (Cello), James Krehbiel (Violin),
Catherine Bush (Violin)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1976 
Length: 34 Minutes 29 Secs. 
My Aunt Gives Me a Clarinet Lesson, for soprano & ensemble by Elizabeth Alexander
Performer:  David Abrams (Clarinet), Kevin Moore (Piano), Jennifer Vacanti (Percussion),
Neva Pilgrim (), Selma Moore (Flute), Greg Wood (Cello),
Selma Moore (Piccolo), Cristina Buciu (Violin)
Conductor:  Mark Scatterday
Written: 2001 
Length: 10 Minutes 58 Secs. 
Riff, Variations on a Gershwin Tune (or Two), for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & percussion by Robert Keefe
Performer:  Steven Heyman (Piano), George Macero (Cello), David Abrams (Clarinet),
James Krehbiel (Violin), John Oberbrunner (Flute), Robert Bridge (Percussion)
Conductor:  Grant Cooper
Written: 1998 
Length: 14 Minutes 32 Secs. 
The Surma Ritornelli, for chamber ensemble by Christopher Rouse
Performer:  Laurance Luttinger (Percussion), Allie Jensen (Viola), Michael Salmirs (Piano),
Linda Greene (Flute), Linda Case (Violin), Jennifer Widom (Trumpet),
Gordon Stout (Percussion), Ruth Berry (Cello), Alexander Aiken (Trombone),
Jane Swerneman (Horn), Barbara Rabin (Clarinet)
Conductor:  Edward Murray
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1983 
Length: 12 Minutes 59 Secs. 
Carmina Amoris, for soprano, clarinet, viola & piano by Robert Palmer
Performer:  Barbara Rabin (Clarinet), Brian Israel (Piano), Neva Pilgrim (),
Marywynn Kuwashima (Viola)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1978 
Length: 8 Minutes 26 Secs. 
Arioso, for cello & piano by Earl George
Performer:  Steven Heyman (Piano), George Macero (Cello)
Written: 1949 
Length: 5 Minutes 41 Secs. 
Scrimshaw, for flute & violin by Daniel S. Godfrey
Performer:  Martin Wulfhorst (Violin), Linda Greene (Flute)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1985 
Length: 8 Minutes 56 Secs. 
Festoons, for piano by Daniel S. Godfrey
Performer:  Steven Heyman (Piano)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1995 
Length: 4 Minutes 46 Secs. 
Partita VI, for stirng quartet by Joseph Downing
Performer:  Vladimir Pritsker (Violin), Kit Dodd (Viola), Michael Bosetti (Violin),
George Macero (Cello)
Written: 1989 
Length: 15 Minutes 0 Secs. 
Etudes (3) for piano by Malcolm Lewis
Performer:  Sar Shalom Strong (Piano)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 2001 
Length: 9 Minutes 0 Secs. 
Dancing with the Devil, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & percussion by Dana Wilson
Performer:  David Abrams (Clarinet), Robert Bridge (Percussion), Linda Greene (Flute),
Steven Heyman (Piano), James Krehbiel (Violin), George Macero (Cello)
Conductor:  Grant Cooper
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1997 
Length: 9 Minutes 42 Secs. 
Sextet, for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello & piano by Melinda Wagner
Performer:  Vladimir Pritsker (Violin), Kit Dodd (Viola), Linda Greene (Flute),
Steven Heyman (Piano), George Macero (Cello), Barbara Rabin (Clarinet)
Conductor:  Daniel S. Godfrey
Period: Modern 
Written: 1989 
Length: 12 Minutes 28 Secs. 
From the Grotte des Combarelles, for piano trio by Harris Lindenfeld
Performer:  Vladimir Pritsker (Violin), Steven Heyman (Piano), George Macero (Cello)
Period: Modern 
Written: 1978 
Length: 9 Minutes 22 Secs. 
Sonatas in Dark to Light, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano/sampler & percussion by Christopher Hopkins
Performer:  Robert Bridge (Percussion), Linda Greene (Flute), Greg Wood (Cello),
Steven Heyman (), David Abrams (Clarinet), Steven Heyman (Piano),
James Krehbiel (Violin)
Conductor:  Christopher Hopkins
Written: 2000 
Length: 18 Minutes 9 Secs. 
Clarinet Quartet, for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello & percussion by Ronald Caltabiano
Performer:  Robert Bridge (Percussion), Greg Wood (Cello), John Friedrichs (Clarinet),
John Friedrichs (), James Krehbiel (Violin)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1998 
Length: 12 Minutes 32 Secs. 
Wakings, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello & percussion by Ann Silsbee
Performer:  Barbara Rabin (Clarinet), Martin Wulfhorst (Violin), Linda Greene (Flute),
Lynden Cranham (Cello), Laurance Luttinger (Percussion)
Conductor:  Daniel S. Godfrey
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1986 
Length: 9 Minutes 59 Secs. 
Adoration & Longing, for voice & string quartet by Howard Boatwright
Performer:  Kit Dodd (Viola), Michael Bosetti (Violin), George Macero (Cello),
Janet Brown (), Vladimir Pritsker (Violin)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1991 
Length: 14 Minutes 22 Secs. 
Rhapsodies by David Liptak
Performer:  Linda Greene (Flute), Dmitri Gerihk (Violin), Steven Heyman (Piano),
Walden Bass (Cello), John Friedrichs (Clarinet)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1992; USA 
Length: 15 Minutes 23 Secs. 
Crónicas del descubrimiento by Roberto Sierra
Performer:  Timothy Schmidt (Guitar), Selma Moore (Flute)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1991; USA 
Length: 19 Minutes 1 Secs. 
A Poison Tree by Richard Wernick
Performer:  Barbara Rabin (Clarinet), James Krehbiel (Violin), Brian Israel (Piano),
Neva Pilgrim (), George Macero (Cello), John Oberbrunner (Flute)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: 1979; USA 
Length: 12 Minutes 4 Secs. 
Crane Songs, for soprano & ensemble by Samuel Pellman
Performer:  Barbara Rabin (Clarinet), Brian Israel (Piano), Neva Pilgrim (),
Sonya Monosoff (Violin), Laurance Luttinger (Percussion), John Oberbrunner (Flute)
Conductor:  Steven Edward Stucky
Written: 1983-1984 
Length: 10 Minutes 24 Secs. 
Bells Ring Summer by Augusta Read Thomas
Performer:  George Macero (Cello)
Period: 20th Century 
Written: USA 
Length: 2 Minutes 43 Secs. 
Etudes (6) for piano: 1. Orbital Beacons (homage to Berio) by Augusta Read Thomas
Performer:  Steven Heyman (Piano)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1996-2005 
Length: 3 Minutes 18 Secs. 
Etudes (6) for piano: 2. Fire Waltz (homage to Bartók, a Perpetual Motion) by Augusta Read Thomas
Performer:  Steven Heyman (Piano)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1996-2005 
Length: 1 Minutes 58 Secs. 
Yangtze! Yangtze!, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & percussion by Ping Jin
Performer:  Cristina Buciu (Violin), Selma Moore (Flute), Jennifer Vacanti (Percussion),
Kevin Moore (Piano), Greg Wood (Cello), John Friedrichs (Clarinet)
Conductor:  Mark Scatterday
Written: 2002 
Length: 13 Minutes 7 Secs. 
Society Music for chamber ensemble by James Willey
Performer:  Eric Gustafson (Viola), Linda Greene (Piccolo), Linda Greene (Flute),
Edward Castilano (Double Bass), Linda Greene (), George Macero (Cello),
Barbara Rabin (Clarinet), Donna Resue (Horn), George Coble (Trumpet),
Steven Heyman (Piano), Bill Harris (Trombone), William Henry Harris (Trombone),
Laurance Luttinger (Percussion)
Conductor:  Ed Murray
Period: Modern 
Written: 1986 
Length: 9 Minutes 25 Secs. 
Some Summer Sun, for flute by Nicholas V. D'Angelo
Performer:  Linda Greene (Flute)
Written: 1985 
Length: 4 Minutes 4 Secs. 
Epitaph & Scherzo, for violin, clarinet & piano by Sydney Hodkinson
Performer:  Cristina Buciu (Violin), Sar Shalom Strong (Piano), David Abrams (Clarinet)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 1988 
Length: 15 Minutes 18 Secs. 
Six Dark Questions, for soprano & tape by Dexter Morrill
Performer:  Neva Pilgrim ()
Period: Modern 
Written: 1979 
Length: 13 Minutes 29 Secs. 
Wind Through Pines, for flute, cello & prepared piano by Liu Zhuang
Performer:  George Macero (Cello), Steven Heyman (Piano), John Oberbrunner (Flute)
Written: 1999 
Length: 12 Minutes 37 Secs. 
Dance Mix, for 2 saxophones, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, amplified bass & 4 percussionists by Rob Smith
Performer:  Kati Coe (Percussion), John Raschella (Trumpet), Chris Ganey (Percussion),
Darryl Pugh (Double Bass), Ralph Dudgeon (Trumpet), Robert Bridge (Percussion),
Bill Harris (), Ron Caravan (Saxophone), Benjamin Osborne (),
Benjamin Osborne (Trombone), John Bird (Percussion), Dan Miller (Saxophone),
Bill Harris (Trombone)
Period: Contemporary 
Written: 2000 
Length: 8 Minutes 51 Secs. 

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