Girolamo Parabosco


Born: 1524; Piacenza, Italy   Died: April 21, 1557; Venice, Italy  
Girolamo Parabosco was a notable composer of the late Renaissance period. He is known by 28 surviving works: 25 madrigals and three instrumental works.

His father, Vincenzo Parabosco (d. 1556) was a church organist in Brescia. By the time Girolamo was 17, the youth was a student of the noted motet composer Adrian Willaert. By 1540, Parabosco had two of his instrumental ricercares in the collection Musica Nova.

Between 1546 and
Read more 1551 he visited numerous Italian cities, including Florence, Urbino, Brescia, and Verona. On June 16, 1551, he was elected first organist of the Cathedral of San Marco in Venice and remained in that post until his death at the age of about 33.

Parabosco was acquainted with many leading artists, literary figures, and musicians, and was active in the academies of Venice. His madrigals are characterized by multi-layered polyphony with rich harmonies. Read less

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