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Episode 1: I Once Was Lost
Episode 2: How Sweet the Sound
Episode 3: A Wretch Like Me
Episode 4: Was Blind But Now I See
Episode 5: But Now Am Found
Baby Kintyre Part I
Baby Kintyre Part II
I. Overture
II. Saraband
III. Hornpipe
Celia, That I Once Was Blest (Soprano)
IV. Scotch Tune
For Iris I Sigh (Soprano)
V. Air
VI. Minuet
A Pastoral Dialogue Betwixt Thrsis and Iris (Bass, Soprano)
VII. Hornpipe
VIII. Borree
We Must Assemble By a Sacrifice (Bass, Chorus)
Their Necessary Aid You Use (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Come Every Demon (Tenor, Chorus)
Magicians' Dance
Pluto, Arise! (Bass)
Lovers Who To Their First Embraces Go (Soprano, Alto, Chorus)
Act I: Recitative: Questo, o Popoli, e il giorno (Gualtiero)
Act I: Recitative: Eccoti, Sire innanzi (Griselda, Gualtiero)
Act I: Recitative: Signor, or' ora al Porto (Ottone, Griselda, Gualtiero) - Aria: Se ria procella (Gualtiero)
Act I: Recitative: Ecco il tempo, in cui l'alma (Griselda, Ottone)
Act I: Aria: Brami le mie catene (Griselda)
Act I: Recitative: Troppo avvezza e Griselda (Ottone) - Aria: Vede orgogliosa l'onda (Ottone)
Act I: Recitative: Costanza, eccoti in porto (Roberto, Costanza)
Act I: Recitative: L'arcano in te racchiudi (Gualtiero, Corrado, Costanza, Roberto)
Act I: Aria: Ritorna a lusingarmi (Costanza)
Act I: Recitative: German, s'avevi a tormi (Roberto, Corrado)
Act I: Aria: Estinguere vorrei (Roberto)
Act I: Recitative: Infelice Roberto ancor non sa - Misera in quante guise - Ecco, Griselda, il Figlio... (Corrado, Griselda, Ottone)
Act I: Aria: Alle minaccie di fiera belva (Corrado)
Act I: Recitative: Infelice Griselda - Aria: Ho il cor gia lacero (Griselda)
Act II: Recitative: Qual grazie posso - Terzetto: Non piu Regina, ma pastorella (Griselda, Gualtiero, Costanza)
Act I: Overture
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Delle nostre fatiche - Aria: Sovra balze scoscese e pungenti (Goffredo)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Signor, gia dal tuo senno (Rinaldo, Goffredo, Almirena)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: Combatti da forte (Almirena)
Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Questi saggi consigli (Eustazio, Rinaldo) - Aria: Ogn'indugio d'un amante (Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Signor, che delle stelle (Araldo, Goffredo, Eustazio) - Aria: Sulla ruota di fortuna (Eustazio)
Act I Scene 3: Aria: Sibillar gli angui d'Aletto (Argante)
Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Goffredo, se t'arrise (Argante, Goffredo) - Aria: No, no, che quest'alma (Goffredo)
Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Infra dubbi di Marte - Aria: Vieni o cara, a consolarmi (Argante)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: Furie terribili (Armida) - Recitative and Accompagnato: Come a tempo giungesti, cara (Argante, Armida)
Act I Scene 5: Aria: Molto voglio, molto spero (Armida)
Act I Scene 6: Aria: Augelletti che cantate (Almirena)
Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Adorato mio sposo - Duet: Scherzano sul tuo volto (Almirena, Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Al valor del mio brando (Armida, Almirena, Rinaldo) - Prelude
Act I Scene 7: Aria: Cara sposa, amante cara, dove sei? (Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 8: Recitative: Ch'insolito stupore - Aria: Cor ingrato - Recitative: Io all'ora impugno (Rinaldo, Goffredo, Eustazio)
Act I Scene 8: Aria: Col valor, colla virtu (Eustazio)
Act I Scene 9: Recitative: Di speranza un bel raggio - Aria: Venti, turbini, prestate le vostre ali a questo pie (Rinaldo)
Act I Scene 1: (Cleone, Phebe)
Act I Scene 2: (Telaire)
Act I Scene 3: (Castor, Telaire, Pollux)
Act I Scene 4: (Choeur des Spartiates)
Act I Scene 4: Air tres pointe, deux menuets
Act I Scene 4: Ariette (Castor)
Act I Scene 4: Deux gavottes
Act I Scene 4: Deux tambourines
Act I Scene 5: Entr'acte (Un Spartiate, Castor, Pollux, Choeur, Combat, Telaire)
Act II Scene 1: (Troupe de Spartiates)
Act II Scene 2: Tristes apprets (Telaire)
Act II Scene 3: (Telaire, Phebe)
Act II Scene 4: March (Pollux, Choeur)
Act II Scene 5: (Pollux, Telaire)
Act II Scene 5: Air pour les athletes
Act II Scene 5: Air tres gai
Act III Scene 1: Ritournelle et Air (Pollux)
Act III Scene 2: (Le Grand Pretre, Pollux, Jupiter)
Act III Scene 3: Descente de Jupiter (Pollux, Jupiter)
Act III Scene 4: Entree d'Hebe (Choeur des Plaisirs Celestes)
Act III Scene 4: Recitative (Pollux, Choeur des Suivantes d'Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: (Une suivante d'Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: Recitative (Pollux); Air gracieux (Hebe)
Act III Scene 4: Gavotte 1 & 2; Recitative (Pollux)
Act IV Scene 1: Prelude (Phebe, Choeur des Esprits)
Act IV Scene 2: Descente de Mercure (Mercure, Pollux, Phebe)
Act IV Scene 2: (Phebe, Cleone, Pollux, Choeur et Air des Demons)
Act IV Scene 3: (Phebe)
Act IV Scene 4: (Castor)
Act IV Scene 4: (Choeur des Ombres Heureuses)
Act IV Scene 4: Menuet (Une Ombre)
Act IV Scene 4: Passepied 1 & 2, Choeur derriere le theatre
Act IV Scene 5: (Castor, Pollux); Gavottes
Act V Scene 1: Ritournelle (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 2: (Telaire, Castor, Choeur)
Act V Scene 3: (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 3: Tonnerre (Telaire, Castor)
Act V Scene 4: (Jupiter, Castor, Pollux, Telaire)
Act V Scene 5: (Jupiter)
Act V Scene 5: Chaconne
Act V Scene 5: Ariette gracieus (Castor, Choeur)

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