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Billy Budd: Prologue 'I am an old man' (Vere)
Billy Budd: Pull, my bantams! Pull, my sparrow-legs!...Who did that? (First Mate et al)
Billy Budd: Guard boat! Indomitable! (Maintop et al)
Billy Budd: First man forward! (Claggart et al)
Billy Budd: Your name? - Billy Budd, sir (Claggart/Billy/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Billy Budd, king of the birds (Billy/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Gentlemen, the King! (Vere/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Ay, at Spithead the men may have had their grievances (Vere/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant)
Billy Budd: We are, sir. Claggart is an able one...Land on the port bow, sir (First Lieutenant/Vere/Sailing Master/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Blow her away, Blow her to Hilo (Red Whiskers/Chorus/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: We're off to Samoa (Donald/Chorus/Red Whiskers/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: Hi! You...a...a... (Billy et al)
Billy Budd: Over the water, over the ocean (Chorus/Claggart)
Billy Budd: Come here, Remember your promise (Claggart/Novice)
Billy Budd: Billy!...Hist! Billy Budd! (Novice/Billy)
Billy Budd: Dansker, old friend, glad to see you! (Billy/Dansker)
Recit. acc. "See with what sad dejection"
Aria: "No longer, Fate, relentless frown"
Recit. acc.: "O Hercules! why art thou absent from me"
Aria: "The world, when day's career is run"
Recit: "Princess! be comforted, and hope the best"
Aria: "I feel, I feel the god"
Recit.: "He said, the sacred fury left his breast"
Aria: "There in myrtle shades reclined"
Recit.: "Despair not; but let rising hope suspend"
Aria: "Where congealed the northern streams"
Chorus: "O filial piety! O generous love!"
Recit.: "Banish your fears!"
Aria: "Begone, my fears, fly, hence, away"
Recit: "A train of captives, red with honest wounds"
Aria: "The smiling hours"
Chorus: "Let none despair"
Recit: "Thanks to the powers above"
Aria: "My father! Ah! methinks I see"
Recit.: "Now farewell, arms!"
Aria: "The god of battle"
Recit.: "Ah me! How soon the flatterer hope"
Aria: "Daughter of gods, bright liberty"
Chorus: "Crown with festal pomp the day"
Chorus: "Love and Hymen"
Act I: Ouvertüre
Act I: Nr. 1 Gräbst du?
Act I: Nr. 2 Wir tragen den Hunger
Act I: Nr. 3 Der Bäcker bäckt im Morgenrot
Act I: Nr. 4 Wir sind zwei Mädchen
Act I: Nr. 4a Zwischenspiel
Act I: Nr. 5 Melodram: Aus den einwandfreien Bekundungen
Act I: Nr. 6 Was zählen Sie
Act I: Nr. 6a Melodram: Olim! Olim! Was willst du tun?
Act I: Nr. 6b In einem Walde
Act I: Nr. 7 Was soll ich essen
Der Silbersee: Act II: Nr. 7a Introduktion
Act II: Nr. 8 Ich bin eine arme Verwandte
Act II: Nr. 9 Rom hieß eine Stadt
Act II: Nr. 10 Zwischenspiel
Act II: Nr. 11 Erst trifft dich die Kugel
Act II: Nr. 12 Auf jener Straße
Act II: Nr. 12a Reminiszenz: Ich bin der Eine
Act III: Nr. 13 Introduktion
Act III: Nr. 14 Wie Odysseus an den Mast
Act III: Nr. 15 Totentanz
Act III: Nr. 15a Er wächst uns in den Mund
Act III: Nr. 16 Finale: Es ist keine Spur
Prologue: Bunyan in Prison
Act I Scene 1: The Pilgrim meets Evangelist (Pilgrim, Evangelist, 4 Neighbours, Pliable, Timorous, Obstinate, Mistrust)
Act I Scene 2: The House Beautiful (Pilgrim, 3 Shining Ones, Interpreter, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Nocturne (Intermezzo)
Act II Scene 1: The Arming of the Pilgrim (Herald, Pilgrim, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: The Pilgrim meets Apollyon (Apollyon, Doleful Creatures, Pilgrim, Branch Bearer, Cup Bearer, Evangelist)
Act IV Scene 2: The Lord is my Shepherd (Voice of a Bird, Pilgrim, The 3 Shepherds, Messenger)
Act IV Scene 3: The Pilgrim reaches the End of his Journey (Voices from Heaven)
Epilogue (Bunyan)

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