George Cacioppo


Born: September 24, 1927; Monroe, MI   Died: April 4, 1984; Ann Arbor, MI  
Composer and educator George Cacioppo was a co-founder of the ONCE Group, a 1960s Ann Arbor composing collective that included Robert Ashley, Gordon Mumma, Donald Scavarda, Roger Reynolds, and Robert Sheff ("Blue" Gene Tyranny). While some of Cacioppo's experimental works are important in themselves, including "Time on Time in Miracles," "Holy Ghost Vacuum," and "Cassiopeia," Cacioppo's biggest impact was through his decades of teaching. His Read more former student Gérard Pape composed "In Memoriam: George Cacioppo" for eight trombones, tape, and percussion, upon hearing of Cacioppo's death in April, 1984. Other composer friends and collaborators were similarly inspired, resulting in "Four Fold Heart Sutra" by Robert Morris, Mumma's "Epifont," and "Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano" by William Albright. Read less

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