Georg Ludwig Jochum


Born: December 10, 1909   Died: November 1, 1970   Country: Germany   Period: 20th Century
Georg Ludwig Jochum was the younger brother of conductor Eugen Jochum. In 1932, upon completing his studies in Munich, Georg Ludwig Jochum was appointed Music Director of the city of Münster, thus becoming the youngest professional conductor in Germany.

In 1934 he became principal conductor in Frankfort, leading the orchestra in opera performances. In 1937 he became music director of the Municipal Theater in Plauen. Also in 1937 he joined Read more the Nazi party. It is said that in 1941 his membership lapsed due to failure to post payments.

However from 1940 to 1945 he was general music director in Linz, Austria and opera conductor at the Linz Municipal Theatre as well as conductor of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra, which was renamed and broadcast over German Radio, debuting in April 1944 on a concert for Hitler's birthday. With this orchestra he later created the Bruckner Festival in St. Florian.

Due to his membership in the Nazi party he was blacklisted by the occupying Allied powers after the war but this was soon lifted and by 1946 he became life-time music director of the Duisburg Symphony Orchestra.

As with his brother Eugen Jochum, Georg Ludwig Jochum was a noted interpreter of the symphonic scores of Anton Bruckner but also conducted and recorded works by Mozart, Chopin, Schubert and others. Unlike his brother, who continued to conduct banned works in the 1930s and was apparently not a party member, his earlier affiliation with the Nazis likely contributed to his post-war obscurity in recordings. Read less

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