Gavin Greenaway


Born: June 15, 1964   Country: England  
Gavin Greenaway is a commercial arranger and conductor in London and Los Angeles. He is the son of the well-known professional songwriter, Peter Greenaway. Gavin took composition and piano at Trinity College of Music in London (1983-1986), where his composition teacher was Antonin Tucapky; in 1985, he won major prizes in both disciplines: The Chopin Prize for piano, and the John Halford Composition Prize. While still at Trinity, he joined the Read more Media Arts Group. This English-based organization was founded by Michael Petry, an American from El Paso, TX, in 1982. Greenaway composed music for Media Arts Group, which allowed him ready performance of his new music, usually written to be recorded as a soundtrack to Petry's art (he calls it Installation Art), which is displayed in cities such as Tokyo, London, Cologne, Houston, and Los Angeles. At about the same time, John Powell, another composer, also joined the Group. Greenaway has continued to work with both Petry and Powell, even after he joined Air-Edel, one of the United Kingdom's leading firms producing commercial and production music for film, television, and advertisements. His ability to compose quickly, and score with deft sureness, was established in this position.

In 1994, he left Media Arts Group and, with John Powell, founded Independently Thinking Music, their own music production company. Beginning with two studios in Soho, London, I.T.M. grew quickly, until it employed eight composers. Greenaway himself worked on the film orchestrations and composed the scores for over a hundred television productions and conducted performances with the London Symphony Orchestra. Greenaway and Powell moved their company to Los Angeles and quickly gathered production work there. He has been engaged to conduct several major scores, including The Thin Red Line, Face/Off, The Peacemaker, Antz, Endurance, Forces of Nature, and The Prince of Egypt. After working with Disney films, Disney World of Orlando, FL, commissioned two large projects from him: Tapestry of Nations, for EPCOT Center, and Reflections of Earth, for Disney World's Millennium Fireworks and Laser Show for the year 2000. He also composed additional music for a few of these films and conducted the score to the film Hannibal. Read less

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