Günter Raphael


Born: April 30, 1903   Died: October 19, 1960   Country: Germany   Period: 20th Century
German composer and teacher who suffered from reoccurring tuberculosis, requiring periodic stays in sanatoriums, and also from Nazi persecution, being partially Jewish. He was the grandson of composer Albert Becker. During the Nazi era, Raphael was at times hidden from the SS by his doctors.

He composed a great many works including symphonies and chamber works, though his career and public recognition were hindered by health
Read more problems and by the war. As a music editor for Breitkopf and Härtel he was responsible for the premiere performance version of Antonín Dvorák's Cello Concerto in A major (1865) based on the piano and cello score which was discovered in 1918. Günter Raphael was married to the Danish pianist Pauline Jessen and they had two daughters, also musicians. Read less

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