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Agnus Dei I
Agnus Dei II
Salvatore mundi
Psalm 23, "The Lord is my shepherd"
aeternam I
Psalm 121, "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills"
aeternam II
I heard a voice from heaven
No. 1. Under the Greenwood Tree
No. 2. The River-God's Song
No. 3. Spring, the Sweet Spring
No. 4. Love is a Sickness
No. 5. Sigh no more, Ladies
No. 6. Good Wine
No. 7. To Daffodils
I. Madrigal:
II. Madrigal: Beauty sat bathing by a spring
III. Pastoral: On a hill there grows a flower
IV. Air: Phyllis inamorata
V. Ballet: Said I that Amaryllis
VI. Canzonet: The treasure of my heart
VII. Air: While she lies sleeping
VIII. Pastoral: Corydon, arise
IX. Madrigal: To meadows
This have I done for my true love, Op. 34, No. 1
O lady, leave that silken thread
No. 3. Soft and gently
The autumn is old
Winter and the birds
No. 1. To Daffodils
No. 2. The Succession of the Four Sweet Months
No. 3. Marsh Flowers
No. 4. The Evening Primrose
No. 5. Ballad of Green Broom
No. 1. St. Godric's Hymn
No. 2. I mon waxe wod
No. 3. Lenten is come
No. 4. The long night
No. 5. Yif ic of luve can
No. 6. Carol
No. 7. Ye that pasen by
No. 8. A death
Theme: A boy was Born -
Variation 1: Lullaby, Jesu -
Variation 2: Herod -
Variation 3: Jesu, As Thou Art Our Saviour -
Variation 4: The Three Kings
Variation 5: In the Bleak Mid-winter -
Variation 6 (Finale): Noel!
Sanctus -
Agnus Dei
No. 1. Procession
No. 2. Wolcum Yole!
No. 3. There is no rose
No. 4a. That yonge child
No. 4b. Balulalow
No. 5. As Dew in Aprille
No. 6. This Little Babe
No. 7. Interlude
No. 8. In Freezing Winter Night
No. 9. Spring Carol
No. 10. Deo Gracias
No. 11. Recession
Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues ... -
Let Nimrod, the mighty hunter ... -
Hallelujah from the heart of God ... -
For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry ... -
For the Mouse is a creature ... -
For the flowers are great blessings ... -
For I am under the same accusation ... -
For H is a spirit ... -
For the instruments are by their rhimes ... -
Hallelujah from the heart of God ...
No. 1. Time
No. 2. Concord
No. 3. Time and Concord
No. 4. Country Girls
No. 5. Rustics and Fishermen
No. 6. Final Dance of Homage
No. 1. Prayer I
No. 2. Rosa Mystica
No. 3. God's Grandeur
No. 4. Prayer II
No. 5. O Deus, ego amo te
No. 6. The Soldier
No. 7. Heaven-Haven
No. 1. The Dark-eyed Sailor
No. 2. Springtime of the Year
No. 3. Just as the Tide was Flowing
No. 4. The Lover's Ghost
No. 5. Wassail Song
No. 1. Full Fathom Five
No. 2. The Cloud-capp'd Towers
No. 3. Over Hill, Over Dale
No. 1. O Happy Eyes
No. 2. Love
No. 3. My Love dwelt in a Northern Land
No. 1. Yea, cast me from Heights of the Mountains
No. 2. Whether I Find Thee
No. 3. After many a Dusty Mile
No. 4. It's oh! to be a Wild Wind
No. 5. Feasting I Watch
No. 1. There is Sweet Music
No. 2. Deep in my Soul
No. 3. O wild West Wind!
No. 4. Owls [An Epitaph]
No. 1. The Shower
No. 2. The Fountain

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