Ettore Stratta


Ettore Stratta is an Italian conductor and concert producer best known for his work in popular music and lighter classics and has had a notably successful series of "crossover" recordings.

He studied piano and composition at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. His conducting instructors were Tibor Serly and Eleazar de Carvalho, with whom he studied in New York and Brazil, respectively. Stratta has conducted and recorded standard
Read more classical music with the Royal Philharmonic, the English Chamber Orchestra, and the London Symphony.

However, he has gained special prominence in popular and crossover music. He has conducted the orchestra on several recordings by Barbra Streisand (including Streisand's Greatest Hits and Je m'appelle Barbra). He has also worked with Lena Horne, Stephane Grappelli, Arturo Sandoval, Yo-Yo Ma, Plácido Domingo, Samuel Ramey, and the vocal group Chanticleer.

He frequently records on the Teldec label. His releases include Symphonic Tango, Symphonic Bolero, Symphonic Lloyd Webber, Symphonic Bossa Nova, and Symphonic Elvis. Many of these were best-sellers on the crossover charts. In 1993 he made an acclaimed appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival leading the world premiere of George Duke's Muir Woods Suite. Read less

There are 22 Ettore Stratta recordings available.

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