Enrique Barrios


Born: 1955; Mexico City, Mexico  
Enrique Barrios is an established Mexican conductor. He studied in the National University of his home, Mexico City, then in the Vida y Movimento School of Music, where he received his Masters. He studied conducting at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, and attended the Pierre Monteux Conductors' School in Maine.

Barrios obtained a conducting position with the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra in Texas, and as guest conductor led the Monterey
Read more County Symphony and the San Diego Symphony in California. He then took the position of Music Director of the Bellas Artes Chamber Orchestra in Mexico City and also became Principal Conductor of the Guadalajara Opera.

He has performed as guest conductor with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Capitol of Toulouse, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, and the Irish National Orchestra. He has also guest conducted opera and ballet performances in Mexico, the U.S., and Europe. On records, he has led a selection of Mexican music on BMG's label RCA. Barrios is not related to the well-known Chilean author of the same name. Read less

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