English Northern Philharmonia

Thus spake Isaiah
If I forget thee, O Jerusalem
Babylon was a great city
Thus in Babylon
And in that same hour
Then sing aloud to God
The trumpeters and pipers are silent
Then sing aloud to God
Act I: Prelude
Act I Scene 1: A Passage from India: Punch! Punch! Punch! (Judy, Punch, Meeta, Bhini, Salaam-Captain, Father, Mother)
Act I Scene 2: In the House of Desolation: Punch. Punch. Where are your manner? (Father, Punch, Mother, Judy, Auntirosa, Harry, Captain)
Act I Scene 3: At the Council Rock: I am Shere Khan (Shere Khan, Mother Wolf, Father Wolf, Akela, Baloo, Bagheera, Wolves, Others)
Act I Scene 4: The Education of Mowgli: I will feed him (Mother Wolf, Father Wolf, Ka, Baloo, Bagheera, Grey Wolf, Mowgli, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: The Ways of Man: Little brother, how often must I tell you? (Bagheera, Mowgli)
Act II Scene 2: Akela Misses His Kill: Free (Mowgli, Wolves, Akela, Shere Khan, Baloo, Ka, Bagheera, Mother Wolf, Father Wolf, Grey Wolf)
Act II Scene 3: A Death in the House: You're a liar (Harry, Captain, Punch, Auntirosa, Judy, Villagers)
What God hath done is rightly done (Cantata 199)
Lord, hear my longing (Chorale Prelude, 'Herzlich tut mich')
See what His love can do (Cantata 85)
Ah! How ephemeral (Cantata 26)
Sheep may safely graze (Cantata 208)
Praise be to God (Cantata 129)
Allegro moderato
Andante con moto
Allegro risoluto
The Holy Boy
Slow Dance
Quick Dance
Slow Air
Song Without Words
Cradle Song
Andante tranquillo
Presto capriccioso alla napolitana
Lento - Tema ed improvvisazioni
Tema: Andante con moto
Var. I: Vivace
Var. II: Allegramente
Var. III: Larghetto
Var. IV: Moto perpetuo - Con slancio
Var. V: Andante con moto
Var. VI: Scherzando
Var. VII: Lento molto
Var. VIII: Vivacissimo
Var. IX: Maestoso
Finale: Allegro molto
Coda: A tempo primo
I. Falstaff and Prince Hal
II. Eastcheap. The Robbery at Gadshill. The Boar's Head Again. Revelry and Sleep
III. Dream Interlude
IV. Falstaff's March. The Return through Gloucestershire. The New King and the Hurried Ride to London.
V. Interlude: In Shallow's Orchard
VI. King Henry V's Progress: The Repudiation of Falstaff and His Death
I. Allegro assai
II. Presto con malizia
III. Andante con malinconia
IV. Maestoso - Brioso ed ardentemente - Vivacissimo - Maestoso
I. The Saucy Arethusa
II. Tom Bowling
III. Jack's the Lad
IV. Farewell ye Spanish Ladies
V. Home Sweet Home
VI. See the Conquering Hero
VII. Rule Britannia
Scene I: Introduction - Pastoral Dance - Satan's Appeal to God - Saraband of the Sons of God
Scene II: Satan's Dance of Triumph
Scene III: Minuet of the Sons of and Their Wives
Scene IV: 's Dream. Dance of Plague, Pestilence, Famine and Battle
Scene V: Dance of the Messengers
Scene VI: Dance of 's Comforters. 's Curse. A Vision of Satan
Scene VII: Elihu's Dance of Youth and Beauty. Pavane of the Sons of the Morning
Scene VIII: Galliard of the Sons of Morning. Altar Dance and Heavenly Pavane
Scene IX: Epilogue
Daybreak - Dance
By the River
Sunset - Near the Plantation
At Night
I. Allegro deciso
II. Larghetto
III. Allegro
Adagio ma non troppo
Andante comodo - con spirito
Vivo, con molto preciso
Allegro moderato
Allegro molto
Lento assai
Passacaglia: Tema - Risoluto
Act I: Virgin of Troas (Calkas, Priests and Priestesses, Worshippers, Antenor, Chorus)
Act I : Back to your hovels ... (Troilus, Antenor, Chorus)
Act I : Is Cressida a slave ... (Troilus)
Act I : Morning and evening I have felt your glance ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act I : Forgive me ... (Pandarus, Troilus)
Act I : I haunt her beauty like a naked soul ... (Troilus, Pandarus, Calkas, Cressida, Evadne)
Act I : My father! Evadne, follow him! (Cressida, Priest, Pandarus)
Act I : Slowly it all comes back (Cressida, Evadne, Pandarus)
Act I : Why niece! ... in tears? (Pandarus, Cressida, Evadne)
Act I: Sweet sir, there's something ... (Cressida, Pandarus, 1st Soldier, Troilus, Chorus)
Act I: Dear child, you need a little comfort (Pandarus, Cressida. Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: Does talking put you off? (Pandarus, Cressida, Horaste, Evadne)
Act II Scene 1: How can I sleep? (Cressida)
Act II Scene 1: At the haunted end of the day (Cressida)
Act II Scene 1: Hush! Don't be so alarmed! (Pandarus, Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: If one last doubt, one lurking fear remains ... (Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: New life, new love! (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: Now hold me close ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 2: The Storm
Act II Scene 2: From isle to isle ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 2: Who would go drumming ... (Pandarus, Cressida)
Act II Scene 2: My name is Diomede ... (Diomede, Pandarus)
Act II Scene 2: This thing shall be revok'd ... (Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Evadne)
Act III: All's well! (Watchmen, Cressida, Evadne)
Act III: Troilus! No answering sign ... (Cressida, Watchmen)
Act III: Cressid, daughter ... (Calkas)
Act III: You gods, o deathless gods ... (Cressida)
Act III: Proud, wondrous Cressida (Diomede, Cressida)
Act III: Take it, take it (Cressida, Diomede, Evadne, Watchmen)
Act III: Evadne! (Troilus, Pandarus, Evadne, Cressida)
Act III: Troilus! (Cressida, Pandarus, Troilus)
Act III: What is this sudden alarm? (Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Diomede, Chorus)
Act III: Sextet (Diomede, Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Calkas and Evadne)
Act III: She has brought shame upon her father! (Calkas, Diomede, Troilus, Cressida, Chorus)
Act III: Diomede! ... Father! ... (Cressida)

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