Elizabeth Farnum

There are 22 Elizabeth Farnum recordings available.

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Formats & Featured

No. 1. The Angel
No. 2. The Statue
No. 3. The Hunt
No. 4. The Serpent
No. 5. The Tree
No. 1. Les neiges d'Anton
No. 2. Ein Wort, ein Satz
No. 3. Kaddish
No. 1. Welcome All You Lords
No. 2. Edward Was a King
No. 3. The Road to Norfolk
No. 1. Maa (The Earth)
No. 2. Rauha (Peace)
No. 3. Aamulla (In the Morning)
No. 1. Tell Me, Sweetest Nymph
No. 2. To Mr. H. Lawes, on the publishing his Airs
No. 3. Presentation to the Father and Mother
No. 1. Successful and Pretty
No. 2. Roommate Wanted
No. 3. Carmensita de Morales
No. 4. The Silver Years
No. 5. Swinging Couple
No. 1. The Lost Mermaid
No. 2. The Sirens
No. 3. Beauty, That Lying Bitch
No. 4. The Song of the Sirens
No. 5. Eyewitness Account
No. 6. In the hour before dawn
Part I: Zembla, Zenda, Xanadu (Soraya, Haroun)
Part I: My father noticed none of this (Haroun)
Part I: Oh I am the ocean of notions (Rashid)
Part I: Excuse me if I mention (Mr. Sengupta)
Part I: If I could catch those words I spoke (Haroun)
Part I: Tell us a story (Chorus)
Part I: Well, what's the use? (Rashid)
Part I: I'm empowered (Mrs. Sengupta)
Part I: We are two men (Rashid, Two Men)
Part I: My fault again (Haroun)
Part I: Get on the bus (Chorus, Butt)
Part I: Soldiers everywhere (Haroun, Rashid)
Part I: All the people will vote for me (Buttoo)
Part I: The Moody Land (Haroun)
Part I: Now means now (Iff)
Part I: A person may choose what he cannot see (Iff)
Part I: I wish (Haroun)
Part I: An outlandish knight from the north country came (Princess, Haroun)
Part I: On the far side of the moon (Iff, Butt)
Part I: Now the lagoon is blue (Chorus)
Part I: War! (Chorus)
Part II: It's a Princess Rescue Story (Haroun, Rashid, Chorus)
Part II: What a chattering, clattering, quarreling crew (Haroun, Chorus)
Part II: Heart Shadow (Butt, Iff)
Part II: Hush for a moment (Chorus)
Part II: To the South Pole (Butt, Iff, Haroun, Bagha, Goopy, Mali)
Part II: Oh brave machine (Haroun)
Part II: Spies / You can't chop me (Khattam-shud, Mali)
Part II: I wish (Haroun)
Part II: War! (Chorus, Prince Bolo)
Part II: Batcheat's Song (Batcheat, Prince Bolo, Khattam-shud)
Part II: It's a Princess Rescue Story (Haroun, Chorus)
Part II: It's a Party! (Haroun, Rashid, Batcheat, Iff, Butt, Mali, Chorus)
Part II: Back Home (Soraya, Haroun, Butt, Rashid)

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