Donino Garsi


Born: 1600; Parma, Italy   Died: March 30, 1630; Parma, Italy  
Composer Donino Garsi was the son, or possibly grandson, of esteemed Italian lute virtuoso Santino Garsi. Although he was based in Parma like the other Garsis, his birth date is unknown but was certainly before 1600, perhaps between 1665-1690. He is first noted from his hire date of August 1, 1619, at the court of Ranuccio I Farnese in Parma. Between 1620 and 1621, Donino Garsi prepared an important lute manuscript for one of his students, Polish Read more nobleman K.S.R. Dusiacki, including 78 lute works accredited to Santino Garsi, Santino's son Ascanio Garsi, and Donino himself. This source is located in the Biblioteca Jagiellonska in Kraków, shelfmark Mus MS 40153, and it was first published in 1926. This is the only source for music of Donino Garsi.

Of the pieces identified in the Dusiacki manuscript as being by Donino Garsi rather than the others, the best known is his Battalia, a battle piece in which he suggests an ad lib drum part be added toward the end "for the victory [celebration]." Although Battalia is identified as Donino Garsi's both in the manuscript and in its first published edition, it is frequently mistaken as a work of Santino Garsi. Donino Garsi is shown in public documents as having died in Parma March 30, 1630. Garsi's Battalia was pressed into service in an arrangement for brass and percussion made by composer Valentino Bucchi in 1973 for a concert in Perugia that year held to protest plans to nationalize the Morlacchi Conservatory of Music. It is in this arrangement that Battalia is most often heard. Read less
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